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Wear and tear

Someone new to guns will usually ask me how often I clean my various guns. For most guns, that answer is “whenever it stops working”. The exceptions to that are carry and home defense guns. They see an adequate amount of cleaning and, more importantly, lubing.

Tam discusses that and the 2K round challenge.

4 Responses to “Wear and tear”

  1. Ravenwood Says:

    I hear a lot of people who say they clean their guns once a month whether they need them or not. These are people who do not own that many guns.

    At some point cleaning them “as needed” is all you have time for.

  2. dittybopper Says:

    I mostly shoot flintlocks, so they get cleaned thoroughly the same day they are shot. No exceptions.

    Modern guns? I tend to clean them the same day out of habit. Some of that is because of muzzleloaders, and some of that is because I’ve shot corrosive surplus ammo in the past.

  3. Mike M. Says:

    I’m with Dittybopper. Mostly because I was raised on muzzle-loaders.

    Having said that, if I’m shooting a gun over a weekend (2 or even 3 practice sessions), I’ll content myself with a Ballistol-soaked patch or two after the first day, shoot the second, and scrub the gun thoroughly afterward.

  4. Skip Says:

    Same as my truck. Whenever it’s dirty.