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This is one of the oddest accidental discharges I’ve seen:

12 Responses to “Whoa”

  1. Weer'd Beard Says:

    I bet he slammed the mag hard enough to bottom out what is likely an ultra-light trigger.

  2. Sean D Sorrentino Says:

    I’m with Weer’d on this. Open gun, mag change on a closed slide, finger off the trigger and the gun goes off when he inserts the mag. Not sure he seated it, though, because it falls out.

    Standing by for gunny Facebook posts about how this incident with a highly tuned Open gun proves that the only “Safe!” way to reload your stock SmithenSIGenGlock is to keep the muzzle pointed at the berm.

  3. John Ellis Says:

    I concur. Insufficient sear engagement.
    I believe the shooter realized the AD and dropped the mag afterwards to begin clearing the gun.

  4. Bruce Says:

    Weer’d is correct.

  5. Quirel Says:

    Mag starts dropping almost immediately, and when it falls free you can see another bullet drop out of the magwell. I don’t know how that stray round could have got there.

    Pretty damn weird.

  6. MrSatyre Says:

    Anyone else able to view the video in Firefox? I can only see it in Edge. Firefox just shows an empty space where the embedded video should be.

  7. Quirel Says:

    Hey, look, TFB has an article on it.

    The writer speculates that a cartridge slipped loose from the mag and tripped the sear. This could also be why the magazine failed to engage.

  8. Lyle Says:

    Because race gun?

    Hey, that one actually IS just like in the movies, where a gun will go off if it’s only slightly bumped, and then we all get scared of guns because they’re so totally dangerous and almost have minds of their own!

    Quirel; a loose “bullet” came out, maybe because the mag was unlatched when the gun fired, and maybe that round was stripped far enough from the mag by the slide as the mag was beginning to fall. OR, because sometimes a cartridge can pop out of a mag when the G forces are shifting wildly every which way and there’s some room for it to pop out. “Double feeds” happen too sometimes.

  9. Lyle Says:

    OK, I didn’t see the TFB thing. Wild. Never heard of that one before. Can’t comment without taking apart some guns first.

  10. Ravenwood Says:

    MrSatyre, me too. Hadda view it in IE. Firefox doesn’t show it.

  11. Quirel Says:

    Lyle, the comments section of that article also has some interesting analysis, including an incident at a 1988 competition where a defective racegun almost got the winner DQ’d.

    I’m wondering if this is the racegun of the future, where shooters are going to train to have the gun pointed precisely at the next target as they slam the magazine home. The cutting edge of high-speed-low-drag technique is to drop the gun in surprise, but do so at the precise angle where the gun lands on its hammer and fires again and hits a third target, like that Uzi in True Lies.

  12. WallPhone Says:

    I don’t have an 1911 on hand to peer inside the magwell, but doesn’t the trigger bar wrap around inside the magwell? I’m speculating the magazine itself snagged the trigger bar and pushed it off the sear face. This explains why the mag didn’t latch. The cartridge case you see falling out with the magazine is the round that just fired. Shoot without a mag in, and they usually fall down the magwell.