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To avoid another bump stock type decision

ATF will no longer issue accessories classifications. All accessories must be attached to a firearm.

4 Responses to “To avoid another bump stock type decision”

  1. ExpatNJ Says:

    From princelaw:
    “… submitted samples for classification can expect to have them returned without being classified.”

    The firearm, and any “accessory” attached to it, will both be judged Prima-Facie evidence of violation of federal law (regardless of their legality or lack of intent to violate federal law), confiscated, and the submitter prosecuted under GCA/NFA/Whatever.

    Remember: They want the guns. And, they are going to try to grab them and keep them any way they can. This new procedure is merely another ratcheting-up of that process.

    Isn’t the requirement for this sort of submission a violation of one’s 5A Right against self-incrimination? Oh, I forgot. The Constitution is just a “G*d-damn piece of paper” [- GWBush], that is merely a suggestion today.

  2. Sigivald Says:

    The real change, if ExpatNJ is correct, will be “anyone making things like bump stocks will have to get an Special Occupational Tax stamp as a manufacturer” first.

    Because they can manufacture machine guns, legally.

    “Joe Sumguy” can’t just start making them anymore, not with legal safety.

  3. Flight-ER-Doc Says:

    Sounds like entrapment to me.

  4. JTC Says:

    ExpatNJ, I lost any respect for little George when he turned a justified air/sea barrage against a tango sympathizer/enabler into a “humanitarian rebuilding” boondoggle sacrificing thousands of our men and zillions of our dollars to avenge his father’s failures. And he absolutely stomped on the Constitution in misguided pursuit of terrorism.

    But I doubt he would ever make that statement in any context, and the fake news writer who reported it retracted and disavowed it years ago.

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