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Did they give the Mexican cartels gift cards?

ATF tries to be helpful. Hilarity ensues.

4 Responses to “Did they give the Mexican cartels gift cards?”

  1. KevinM Says:

    didn’t understand the “fuel traps and solvent filters” comment. Whsat’s that about?

  2. Standard Mischief Says:

    >“fuel traps and solvent filters”

    Kevin Doherty, who shot someone related to the Seth Rich incident and also hit the same survivor with a SUV.

    Police recovered a package addressed to Doherty in a trash can nearby, with a firearm, ammo and fuel filters in it. (No reports of maglights though.)

    None of the news reports say where the package was mailed from.

  3. Lyle Says:

    Big Brother (The Beast), in all ages and all places, has always felt the desire, as a relative ignoramus, to “advise the public”. It doesn’t matter the subject and it doesn’t matter whether the advice does anyone any good. What matters is that the Beast is regarded as The Authority In All Things, as “infallible”, as Pontifex Maximus (the ultimate bridge builder), the poet god-king.

    The comments over there are appropriate in tone and tenure.

    The first amendment analog to this would be the FCC or the IRS, et al telling us how to communicate, or how to conduct our religious services, because they, due to their title alone, know ever so much more than we, the un-washed cattle.

  4. KevinM Says:

    @SM aha, thx.

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