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Come and take them

The third circuit has ruled that NJ residents need to turn in their regular capacity magazines.

6 Responses to “Come and take them”

  1. weredragon Says:

    Massive non-compliance predicted.

  2. Richard Popkin Says:

    Clearly criminals, who are forbidden to own firearms (but do anyway), will rush to divest themselves of the offending magazines. Likewise terrorists or people planning a mass shooting will hurry to comply.

    Good to live in the Old Dominion!

  3. JTC Says:

    They won’t come and take them. The intent is to instantly create thousands of felons and the resultant gov control over them, and you can’t run away…

    “…results in the loss of gun rights nationwide. This is a felony-equivalent.”

  4. LKP Says:

    The smart plan would be to travel to a non restrictive state and selling them at a gun show.

  5. JTC Says:

    Traveling with them or even shipping them also proof of possession felonies. Same with the bumpfires already here in Rick Scott’s newly anti-gun Fla, soon to be everywhere, at least until the SCOTUS challenge on all of it in early 2021 or post-RBG whichever comes first. I hope for -I expect- substantial restoration of Constitutional enforcement about that time.

  6. Guy J. Sagi Says:

    I’m with JTC on this one. If that home invader is smart enough to retreat after he or she sees you with a gun, when LE finally shows up it’s you facing charges because of the magazine.