Record tax collections in October

With the tax cuts. Yet, the .gov still runs a massive deficit.

2 Responses to “Record tax collections in October”

  1. Billll says:

    While Trump is cutting bureaucracy, red tape, regulations, and taxes, he needs to stand up at his cabinet meetings and call on everyone to reduce their spending by 5% by the end of next fiscal year or lose their job. Also want to see quarterly progress reports. It’s the one thing missing so far.

  2. Lyle says:

    Hey; it’s the 1980s!

    “…he needs to stand up at his cabinet meetings…”

    Does the fox in the henhouse stand up to itself?

    How long before you realize that this is a dog and pony show, that the apparent conflict between the two parties is a distraction, a loosely scripted play?

    You can get all caught up in which football team wins the game too, for example, or the half, or the quarter, or the individual play, but no matter who wins it is the league and its sponsors, the venue investors, etc., which profit. All they need is for you to be emotionally invested in the outcome of the game, otherwise you turn away and find something else to do; maybe even something beneficial.