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Leaving a Rolls-Royce unlocked is a risky business, as Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside has learned the hard way.

According to 640 AM radio host Andy Slater, on July 5 Whiteside bought an M16 assault rifle, along with a rifle bag and a silencer, for approximately $50,000 from Johnsons Firearms in Miami.

After purchasing the rifle, the 29-year-old drove to the University of Miami for a workout and only discovered the rifle was missing when he returned home the next day. He immediately alerted the police and told detectives he had only been at the gun store before moving to the Watsco Center for practice and eventually returning to his residence in Miami Beach.

An actual crime involving an NFA weapon?

12 Responses to “BOLO”

  1. Phelps Says:

    Good way to take an NFA weapon dark and make it back on insurance to boot.

  2. Miles Says:

    $50 grand for a M16 even with a suppressor?

    The highest price I’ve seen recently for a NIB transferable military property marked M16A2 (very collectible) was $38,000. The biggest dealer in Florida advertises M16A1s for $25,000 and he’s always considered over priced. Even the most expensive Surefire suppressors are less than $1000.

    I basically agree with Phelps, and others came up with the same ‘scam the insurance company’ idea as well.

  3. Stretch Says:

    Should have stuck with “boating accident.”
    More believable.

  4. JTC Says:

    An actual crime involving an NFA weapon?

    Looks like a couple crimes right here if the skeptics are right, and they are of course. OTOH disappearing riot gear happens to LEOs all the time so…

    Also of course crappy plastic aftermarket stocks are apparently about to put the NFA crime stats through the roof.

  5. Will Says:


    back in ’96, I was told that a .gov agent in the L.A. area lost a Glock G18 in a car burglary. One wonders if that ever turned up in a crack house cleanout?

    The guy said there were only 30 of these machinpistols in the US at the time. (He had two of them. Spent a little time on a range with one of his. Fun! They can be seen here:


    Apparently, no amount of money can make stupid go away…

  7. emdfl Says:

    He sure as hell didn’t “buy” that gun on July 5th. He may have picked it up on that day – after waiting the (typical)6-9 months for the paperwork to clear and come back to the dealer.

  8. qmony Says:

    Pretty sure we would have been committing a crime by bringing the firearm onto university grounds.

  9. Ravenwood Says:


    Miami is a private university. Even if they ban guns, it’s not likely criminal.

    Would google it, but I’m too lazy.

  10. Ravenwood Says:

    qmony, okay I’m not too lazy. I stand corrected. You’re right, it is illegal (at least if you believe their website).

    My state is totally different and I legally carry on college campi all the time.

  11. Geoff Says:

    He can prove it was his with a Form 4 cancelled Tax Stamp.
    $50 Grand is way too much.

  12. JTC Says:

    “$50G is way too much.”

    For what the gun or the ins. fraud?

    The more the better for that, with plenty to share for corroboration and documentation.

    Yeah this one won’t be turning up at any crack houses.