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Sort of want

The DX-12 Punisher:

Not particularly practical or tactical. But I think it’s neat looking.

13 Responses to “Sort of want”

  1. ben Says:


  2. Hartley Says:

    Looks like a good way to hurt your wrist. And WTF are those weird-looking shells?

  3. Lyle Says:

    Looks kinda like a Glock, a modern Howda pistol, and ugly. Will they make a plastic holster for it, like a Glock holster, so you can wear it like Zoi’s Hogleg?

    It would punish (your wrist) alright.

    But wait; no light rail?

  4. JTC Says:

    Talk about a bad, ugly, expensive solution to a non-existing problem.

  5. EJ Says:

    Hmm, if you did one up in the Nintendo blaster colors…

  6. nk Says:

    Bama McCall’s was way prettier.

  7. SPQR Says:

    It is neat-looking, A very talented graphical artist. But clearly has never fired a firearm given the rectangular cross section of the grip.

  8. Sabre22 Says:

    Imagine you are in Portland and One of these Antifa clowns gets stupid lay it over the window sill of your vehicle with your left arm over the top to hold it down and ask him if you can go the way you want to.

  9. nk Says:

    “Imagine” is the word. It’s only a graphic. A drawing for a cartoon show or comic book.

  10. Will Says:

    Should be an O/U design, not a SxS. Easier to carry/wear.

  11. J T Bolt Says:

    Role Playing Game, actually. Newest version of Traveller is where I saw that graphic.

  12. Mike Voncannon Says:

    How is that not a short barreled shotgun?

  13. Eric Wilner Says:

    Wait… are the bases of those shells vented? To reduce recoil? But I don’t see a pair of nozzles pointed back at the user’s face.

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