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Have a look at this graph from Yahoo “News”:

Everyone seems to be doing better, right? What headline would you go with? Well, if you’re Rick Newman, you go with:

The rich-poor gap is getting worse under Trump

9 Responses to ““journalism””

  1. Lyle Says:

    In all Progressive authoritarian systems, the rich/poor gap is greatest. IOW; the more government command and control of the population, the greater the gap.

    Ayn Rand described the Soviet Union thusly; a miniscule clique of rulers living in opulence, while everyone else lives in poverty. I would only add “…and fear”. The American press of that era had nary a word of real criticism for the Soviets, and in fact actively promoted them.

    That is the same system of Middle Ages Europe as dominated by the Roman Pontiff and his allies, and it is that system, with coercive Redistribution as a prominent feature, which they are reviving, this time for the entire world.

    They have a catchy term for it now; the “New World Order”. I see nothing, and no one, currently in the world even remotely prepared to stop them. The U.S.A. for example, which, if our founding principles meant anything, should be an irrepressible leader in the cause of liberty, seems to be helping the New World Order along quite enthusiastically.

    Cheer “rah rah for our team” all you want, and have fun at it, but “our team” is a playing a significant role in helping the authoritarian cause.

  2. Robert Says:

    It’s worse than that. Both the graphs end in 2016. They’re using graphs that end before Trump was even in office in an article about Trump’s time in office.

  3. JTC Says:

    It’s a template; the graph or story is irrelevant…

    “_________________________ getting worse under Trump.”

    Truth? Accuracy? Accountability? Pffft.

  4. Ravenwood Says:

    A few things:

    – The chart measures cumulative gains meaning that when the lines are parallel, the groups are all gaining at the same rate.

    – The bottom 20% is the #2 gainer, right behind the top 10%

    – The entire chart is in 20% quintiles until you get to the top 20% which is actually split into top 10% and 80-90%.

    – Splitting the top 20% seems to have created the big difference between the top 10% and bottom 20% lines. If you aggregated the top 10% and 80-90% lines together it appears as though it would actually be LOWER than the bottom 20%.

    – As previously noted, the graph ends at 2016, thus not really showing much (if any) impact by Trump’s election at the end of 2016.

    – As previously noted, everyone is gaining (except during those Obama years)

  5. HL Says:

    The chart ends with 2016. When did Trump take office?

  6. B Dubya Says:

    The graph also implies that the economic world underwent its own big bang in 1995 from a cash singularity.

    I don’t think the difference between the upper 10% and the bottom 20% was ever zero, so the entire premise is bullshit.

  7. PaulB Says:

    Since income inequality go back to og and ugh, they caveman, why do all levels start at the same point in 1995? Seems kind of cooked to me.

  8. HL Says:

    The Iron Lady.

  9. Muzzle Blast Says:

    Politics being the art of extolling money from the rich and votes from the poor while promising to protect each from the other … all the while taxing/flogging the middle class to pay for it all, that’s what I see in the charts.