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I concur

I, too, have never gotten the appeal of horror movies. Mostly, because I don’t really dig the gore and because I get so mad watching them when the characters do something irretrievably stupid. And most horror movies would be over in about two minutes if someone had a gun.

10 Responses to “I concur”

  1. JK Brown Says:

    I saw a scene from the show ‘Modern Family’ the other day. Claire, I believe, and husband are having a date where she ends up wearing nothing but her coat. The coat belt gets snagged in the escalator and then a bunch of people they know show up asking “Why don’t you take off the coat?”. I know it’s TV and the scene had to be contrived for “comedy”, but I was distracted wondering why not one male in the scene was man enough to have a knife on them.

    Horror movies are similar with no one ever having a concept of self defense. Plus the fact that every White girl in a slasher movie falls down when she tries to run away.

  2. KevinM Says:

    The Final Destination series is an exception, but that’s really a comedy.

  3. Ravenwood Says:

    Horror movies used to be suspenseful and made you care about the well being of the characters. Today it’s all about jump scares and a bunch of “red shirts” running around the main character who are all obviously going to get kilt.

  4. Michael D. Gale Says:

    You might like the Monster Hunter International series by Larry Correia. He has said that the idea came from watching horror movies and wondered how it would have turned out if there was at least one person that had a gun and knew how to use it. BTW: Larry Correia used to write on The High Road, worked at a gun store, and Oleg Volk did his original cover.
    You won’t have a problem with how guns are used in these books. Oh, and with Baen Publishing sometimes the first one is free if you read ebooks.

  5. Ravenwood Says:

    To your point, imagine how long Panic Room would have been if only Jody Foster had kept a shotgun in her panic room. Coulda wrapped up that snoozefest in 10 minutes.

  6. Mike Voncannon Says:

    To me, horror movies ended with Vincent Price.

  7. JTC Says:

    Enough gut-wrenching shit to worry about in real life, including the prospect of employing deadly defense, that I don’t find any of that crap entertaining.

  8. tweell Says:

    Lawdog and Correia came up with some quips about horror movie lines they’s like to see.

    “My name is… Dracula. Velcome to my… vere the hell did you get a flamethrower?”

    “Camp Crystal Lake Welcomes the National IDPA Shoot-Off!”

    “Before you go into that dark, scary, critter-crawling basement, why don’t you toss in Uncle Bubba’s lucky frag grenade?”

    Okay, so the house told us to GET OUT. Light the napalm, darling.”

    “Fire mission! Target is butcher with axe in the open, will adjust.”

    “Instead of sneaking around a vampire infested house after dark, why don’t we blow the place with dynamite at noon?:

  9. Ron W Says:

    @Mike Voncannon, or Boris Karloff. I’m dating myself.

  10. Oleg Volk Says:

    The original “The Thing” had logical characters trying to do their best against a very serious menace. Most horror movies fall short of that.