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Today in gun handling

Jersey John Wick:

Jersey John Wick

Good for the range officer:

7 Responses to “Today in gun handling”

  1. Ken in NH Says:

    Something tells me the RSO had those two goofballs made from the moment they entered the room.

  2. PaulB Says:

    Yep. Must have been a rental as well as they did not get to take anything beyond the phone with them.

    Looked like some of those stand up immigrants we have been getting for a while from our friends to the south.

  3. nk Says:

    It is what is known as “the bum’s rush”.

  4. pigpen51 Says:

    I have seen this in a couple of different places, and the one thing I can say is that the RO was on the ball, and did his job exactly the way it should be done. It should become standard training for all prospective new range officers, to watch this video, and make observations as to just what the RO did right. A definite possible tragedy avoided.

  5. Paul Says:

    Don’t confuse all that jumping around and flips with HITTING YOUR TARGET. Looks to me he couldn’t hit nuthin.

  6. KevinM Says:

    My home indoor range, Houston. Made the local news, The idiots have a lifetime ban at that range, word has it their id is know to all the local ranges now.

  7. pawnshopguy Says:

    If my friend pointed a gun at my head, even in fun, he would have much to contemplate while enjoying a long and painful recovery.

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