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Cody Wilson is charged with paying money for sex. As a libertarian, I’m sure he’d argue that is fine. However, it was with a minor.

9 Responses to “Unfortunate”

  1. pkoning Says:

    That assumes, of course, that the charge is true rather than an attempt to nail a thorn in the government’s side.

  2. Divemedic Says:

    It’s kids of a huge coincidence that everyone who opposes the Democrats is soon accused of victimizing some woman or another.

  3. Ravenwood Says:

    Not gonna rush to this guy’s defense. He was caught on video in the hotel getting in and out of the elevator with the girl. The girl is not only a minor, she looks much younger than her real age of 16. The room was registered in his name. His company vehicle was confirmed to be there. And she gave an accurate room number that he was staying in.

    Oh, and he’s currently in Taiwan, but seems to have missed his flight home for some reason.

  4. JTC Says:

    Likely a setup, but still. Makes me sad, I liked him.

  5. Docmerlin Says:

    He met her on a hook up site that claims everyone there is over 18.

  6. grendel Says:

    Just furthering my hypothesis that libertarians are all perverts, druggies, or both.

  7. MrSatyre Says:

    @grendel: In lieu of the numerous piss-poor behavior on the parts of Cons and Libs alike, this could be the stupidest comment I’ve read yet.

  8. Paul Rain Says:

    Divemedic: Particularly coincidental when most Democrat politicians and GOPe scum like Lindsey Graham are actually known to be baby-rapers, si?

    Ravenwood: “she looks much younger than her real age of 16” according to the Jew York Times.


  9. JTC Says:

    grendel, and all gunnies are mass killers. Idiot.