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More astroturf

David Media Hogg and De Blasio teamed up to create a gun control group called Mayors for our Lives. Given the past mayor focused group to take on the issue keeps delivering, I’m sure this one will too.

3 Responses to “More astroturf”

  1. Ben Says:

    They should have called it Mayors! Run for our lives!

  2. JimBob Says:

    What I think all this means is that David Hogg is here to stay. Just like ‘Moms’ he has now proved himself to gun control Inc and is now a salaried employee that is here for the long run.

  3. Ron W Says:

    There was a report and some pics of Hogg in NYC a few weeks ago surrounded by armed security. Virtually no one may exercise their right to armed self defense there, a fascist city. But he, a visitor had protection by guns, the same thing he wants to continue to deny to schools!! He’s the same elitist authoritarian, a puppet, no doubt, of them who want to TAKE FROM OTHERS WHAT THEY HAVE AND KEEP FOR THEMSELVES. That is incredibly evil!!!