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Just don’t vote

Years back, I lived in a subdivision of about 200 houses. And, as I got to know my neighbors, a good portion of them were from Chicago. If I had to guess, I’d say at least 25 of them. So, at a neighborhood shindig, I finally asked a group of them why so many people from Chicago lived here. And they said for the jobs. Turns out, there was some sort of advertising campaign that had signs telling people to move to Tennessee. Specifically, East Tennessee.

Well, it looks like might happen again over taxes:

They want us to write another check and shut up.

Or move. More residents left Illinois last year than did residents of any other state.

So Im sorry, Tennessee. This is why were jamming up your roads, schools and workplaces. Were replacing your dive-bar barbecue with our pizza and craft beers. Were barging into your comforting Southern twang with hard vowels and incomplete sentences. Were invading at a record pace, so get used to frunchroom and Hey der. Did you know a recent study found the Chicago accent to be the least attractive in the country? Do you agree yet?

Well, don’t come here and shit up our state with the policies you’re fleeing.

21 Responses to “Just don’t vote”

  1. chiefjaybob Says:

    I wish I was among them…..

  2. Huck Says:

    We had the same thing happen in the San Joaquin Valley (also called the Central Valley) in California in the 1970s. People from the Gay Bay were swarming there to escape the high cost of housing in the Bay Area and were demanding that things change to accommodate their wishes. Demanding that dairies be closed because they didn’t like the smell, that farming should be stopped because the dust made the Bay Area invader’s cars dirty, that local laws should be changed to be like the laws in the Bay area, etc.

    Those culls flooding into the Central Valley raised the cost of housing almost to Bay Area levels and ruined the small town atmosphere of most of the Central Valley’s towns.

  3. Divemedic Says:

    Florida has had this problem with New Yorkers for awhile now. They vote for the policies that they caused the taxes they are fleeing from.

  4. kahr40 Says:

    Ditto for North Carolina. Retirees flee the cost of New York, New Jersey and other northern states for the cheaper south then do their best to turn it into what they fled.

  5. wizardpc Says:

    Nashville elected a socialist mayor (who then resigned after getting caught sleeping with her bodyguard) and we’re about to get a lefty governor.

  6. Timothy E Covington Says:

    A podcaster I listen to talked about this yesterday. If they move because they are tired of the taxes and the government, they generally won’t want to change things. But, if they move because of work, they will try to change things. I’m hoping to get the money together to move some place that loves individual freedom, but doesn’t attract the locusts who want to change things to be like the anti-freedom places they are moving from. I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that is rapidly becoming a lost cause.

  7. Jailer Says:

    Timothy E Covington:

  8. JTC Says:

    It’s a double-whammy for places like TN and NC…

    Not just the current escapees from Mordor etc. but the so-called “half-back” ones who flooded into FL and shit all over everything, then seek to escape that shit by going halfway back to there.

    It’s ostensibly to find a happy medium between ice age places like chi-town and the melting pot (literally and figuratively) of the sunshine state, plus getting back closer to kids, grandkids, etc. But spend a week touring the lower east coast of FL to see that they actually seek to escape again from a shithole of their own creation in the shangrila where I grew up in the 60’s.

    Lock your doors Unc, or prefereably, put up some gates on the interstates into TN, at both the north and south state lines.

  9. Glenn Leger Says:

    I find the New Jersey accent by far the most annoying.

  10. nk Says:

    Turnabout’s fair play. Millions and millions of Southerners came North in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, looking for work and a home without a cross burning on the front lawn; and filling up the place with Walmarts, fried chicken joints, and brokedown cars. Their descendants are the ones now being called back to their spawning grounds, probably.

  11. Thepissedoffprinter Says:

    I had contemplated Tennessee for my exodus from the Chicago area (Joliet) but looks like my escape destination in 2 years will be to South Carolina due to wife’s family managing to escape before us. I will consider myself a political and tax refugee, so no worries about my vote changing things.

  12. Gerry Says:

    I would say half of our town in So KY are refugees from the north who came for work in the auto industry or the local university. We did have a CA fled mayor who wanted the city to become a movie making mecca and a gun free safe zone but she has move on to blue-er pastures.

  13. Publius Says:

    Posts like this are why the Siuth and I do not get along very well.

  14. Jennifer Says:

    Now if they could go ahead and pick up a few apostrophes along the way, that’d be great.

  15. Huck Says:

    “Iím hoping to get the money together to move some place that loves individual freedom, but doesnít attract the locusts who want to change things to be like the anti-freedom places they are moving from.”

    Timothy, there still are places like that. Wyoming, where I live is still a lot like what you described and we don’t get too many types that want to change things moving here because most of them cant stand the long very cold winters here and the fact that “there’s nothing there!”.
    However, we have Commierado to the south and we’d love to put up a wall on the common state line to keep the libtrash out.
    FYI; Teton County (Jackson) is a libturd stronghold. Casper and Laramie are slowly getting there too.

  16. JTC Says:

    @nk, you mean all those OTW’s that got flushed north?

    Nah, haven’t seen any of them coming back South…they’re happy there in the sanctuaries y’all provided for them, where all their shit is free in exchange for just a vote.

    Not enough of them left there though to offset the Red Tide, which is why all those Bloomie mayors are some of the loudest voices for free immigration and replacements for those lost votes.

  17. Eric Wilner Says:

    I’ll be fleeing California soon, and heading to your vicinity (likely somewhere roughly east-ish of Knoxville).
    I expect I’ll refrain from voting until I’ve had time to get acculturated, and then vote to keep Tennessee the way it is, dang it! My original escape plan, back in the 90s, called for settling in the Pacific Northwest, but that’s all overrun now with the sort of Californians who love their policies but hate the consequences. Feh.

  18. Huck Says:

    Eric, I fled Kalifornistan in ’06 when I retired and settled down in Wyoming. I have nothing against Tennessee, in fact my Brother moved to Kingsport last year and I like east Tennessee. But check out Wyoming, you may like it too.

    My brother likes places where there’s lots of trees and while he told me that he likes Wyoming overall his big gripe is “not enough trees.” I told him that there’s plenty of trees, one just has to look for them.

  19. Eric Wilner Says:

    Huck: Were it just myself, I’d likely consider Wyoming. But the relocation party includes my girlfriend (who needs proximity to a metro area, and has medical issues aggravated by cold weather) and now my father (who grew up in Fargo and has no desire to return to places that have real winter). Also, I want to be somewhere near an industrial area.
    So, we’re looking at someplace within social distance of Knoxville and Oak Ridge, but probably in a rural county with minimal restrictions on land use, home businesses, and such. Throw in a careful examination of the map and the list of “don’t eat the fish from this reservoir” warnings, and, well, we’re narrowing things down a bit.
    (And a good landline Internet connection, just the right degree of privacy, and all those other things one worries about….)

  20. emdfl Says:

    Far too many of them are like the invaders from third-world shitholes who come to the US and proceed to turn wherever they land into analogs of the third-world shitholes they came from.

  21. Mike Voncannon Says:


    The Knoxville area has several Indoor Ranges (at least 4), several outdoor ranges and Dragon Leatherworks. He fled NY.