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They seem more mum to me

A piece on how Rand Paul and Mike Lee stopped a ban on publishing files for 3D printing guns with some NRA bashing. The NRA has kept mostly quiet on the issue other than saying the fears of untraceable guns were unfounded because those are already banned.

Looks more like a chest-puffing from NAGR, who suck.

3 Responses to “They seem more mum to me”

  1. Lyle Says:

    At the time of the ratification of the Bill of Rights, all guns were untraceable. Surely they could never have envisioned x-ray machines or metal detectors back then. For all they knew such things were forever inconceivable (unlike repeating firearms, which already existed), and yet they asserted the right to keep and bear arms as unalienable, protected from all infringements by The Supreme Law of The Land to which all public officials were to be sworn by Oath.

    The NRA often depicts what can only be cowardice, or stupidity, or allegiance with authoritarians, or a lack of understanding of right and wrong (lack of principles)(ignorance). It’s hard to say which, or which combination, compels them.

    Out of respect I would rule out both stupidity and ignorance, but that would leave them with no defense. Omitting those two leaves only cowardice and collusion on the list.

    One could assert another possibility, which is that they’re mesmerized. That however could be chalked up to some combination of cowardice and ignorance, for how else is one susceptible to post hypnotic suggestion?

    The emotion-driven, and probably traumatized, personality is the most suggestible one. Is that a defense? What was the ruling in the Patricia Hearst trial?

    Maybe someone from the NRA could shed some light on this important question for us. Guys? On the other hand, the traumatized/mesmerized mind is usually the last to discern the problem and will defend his masters’ implanted ideas to the bitter end.

  2. SPQR Says:

    Dudley Brown is a dishonest POS. Any article quoting him is trash.

  3. Weer'd Beard Says:

    To be fair, until Michael Bloomberg stops pearl-clutching and actually released a bill to his loyal retainers it is right now a 1st Amendment case and the NRA really should be mum.

    Fyi, my prediction is a ban on all home-builds will be Bloomberg’s move.

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