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Guns for preppers

Best Survival Guns for Preppers: Handguns, Shotguns, and Rifles

I would also add a decent revolver may be useful. During a zombie apocalypse, magazines will be scarce and they are a wear item.

One Response to “Guns for preppers”

  1. JTC Says:

    A little lengthy (but who am I to judge that? Heh) and it’s hard to know who his “target” market is; it’s written for newbies which not many preppers are.

    His choices are pretty good but he fails to point out two of the primary advantages of them…ubiquity and price of ammo.

    12GA, 5.56, 9MM and .22 all are available everywhere in bulk for cheap and every gunnie should have a bunch of it. For the SHTF guns themselves and in keeping with the availabilty and price theme, a couple of MP15’s, 10/22’s and at least two each of G17’s (not a huge fan but they take a beatin’ and keep on keepin’ on and the guns parts and mags are everywhere for cheap), maybe a long barrel hogleg in 9, and a couple of basic pump shotties chambered for shorts and longs.

    Definitely having a big bore in long and short varieties is a good idea too, a bolt magnum and a wheelie .44 or even .50…ammo for those is spendy but you won’t need much; squeeze off a few rounds of either and you will not be anxious to waste many.

    As to the mags, buying PMags by the dozen when on sale as we’ve said here before solves most of that wear-part issue, same with the Glocks. The rub here is for the 10/22; those little rotary’s are decent but complicated and the extended mags available are for shit…another call for MagPul to quit with sunglasses, stocks and such, and perfect inexpensive plastic mags for these and other popular firearms, why don’t they do that??

    So yeah, TL/DR from me too. but I’m not trying to preach to the choir, just stating my own case and reasoning. same as I did to buyers for a decade or four in my shops.

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