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3D printed gun stuff

It’s all a big lie. You cannot print a fully functional AR-15 on a 3D printer. But that doesn’t stop the hysteria. It’s all irrelevant because it’s already out there. And, even though this was taken down, it’s back up.

One Response to “3D printed gun stuff”

  1. mikee Says:

    It isn’t the disconnect from reality over the issue of 3D printing of firearms that concerns me so much about the Left. It is the rest of their disconnected-from-reality existence, wherein the plain language of law means the opposite of the words printed on the page, the idea of individual rights is anathema to their ideology, and they can convince themselves of so many, many things that are not what they think.

    It makes me worry about simply driving down the street, when half the country apparently thinks which lanes one uses is an arbitrary choice.