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In Knife news

Federal Appeals Court Panel Upholds NYCs Unconstitutional Gravity Knife Arrests Knife Rights to Seek Rehearing by the Full Court

I’m not even certain what a “gravity knife” is.

6 Responses to “In Knife news”

  1. Siergen Says:

    As opposed to an “anti-gravity” knife?

  2. Matt Whitticar Says:

    The rules of the universe apparently work differently in NYC

  3. David N Johnson Says:

    If they can open it with one hand, it is a gravity knife. They will pass it from cop to cop until someone can make it open.

  4. JC Says:

    The classic Gravity knife is the
    Parachutist’s’s knife, front opening, rather than hinged, with a blade release/lock lever between teh scales. Point it down, press the button, and the blade drops by gravity power. Release the button and the blade locks in place. Press again to disengage the lock. Issued to enable the cutting of parachute shroud lines without pulling out the K-bar, which would cause…difficulties when, say, falling from a tree. The gravity knife is not a spring-opening knife.

  5. Says:

    Can the law differentiate between a gravity knife and a regular folder with a loose nut?

  6. pkoning Says:

    Mikee, why would the law want to? It’s no different from having a flaky disconnector and be charged with illegal ownership of a machine gun.

    Parachutist’s knife? Curious. The one I have is a “hook knife”, similar to what EMTs use for cutting seat belts. Much easier to use and extremely safe.