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So that explains it

Remember my issue with the Beretta 1301? Well, Chris explains it.

2 Responses to “So that explains it”

  1. B Dubya Says:

    My black, inexpensive Mossberg 12ga pump does not fire as quickly as your Beretta, but it doesn’t have a built-in fail lever.

    At 10′ to 20 yards, my 20″ cylinder barrel will deliver 00 buckshot in a tight enough pattern to ensure hits on an aimed shot.

    It makes sense to get the lever cover that Tam suggested, as it can prevent inadvertent toggling of the ammo dump feature.

    Makes you wonder what overriding need was being answered when Beretta went with that feature.

  2. JR Richardson Says:

    So, this firearm can render itself useless (well, 90% useless- you still have the chambered round) if I do the wrong thing under stress, or even bump it wrong?

    To my mind, that completely rules it out for consideration. The last thing I want is more to remember when I’m rising sights onto a bad guy.

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