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Woman helps cop, kills bad guy – then gets sued

2 Responses to “Lawyering”

  1. Kevin Says:

    The first NM concealed carry shooting case was a 72 y/o guy, Due Moore, in Walmart who saw a women, Joyce Cordova, being attacked by a guy (Felix Virgil) with knife. He ended up shooting the guy (her ex-husband) dead, woman survived, Moore basically gets a high-five from APD and goes on his way.

    According to the man who ran my permit renewal course, then this happened: Joyce Cordova, whose life Due Moore saved, sued him to recover the money that her ex-husband no longer was paying since he was dead. Apparently, when Virgil wasn’t trying to stab her to death he was paying her support. Moore ultimately wins the case, losing in the process his wife and his retirement savings.

  2. Andrew Says:

    This is the problem with “intervention”.
    It is also the biggest reason why one needs to realize they might be “on their own”.

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