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Say when

Seen at Joe’s, some idiot on twitter is all “we are coming for your guns.” Sure thing, sprout. In a response to someone basically telling to come and take them, he asks:

If we elect a new congress and we pass laws making gun ownership illegal for people like you, and the government comes to take your guns, what will you do?

What will you do? Be specific.

Well, sparky, shooting the people who advocated for those laws isn’t out of the question.

33 Responses to “Say when”

  1. Miles Says:

    That’s called “Clinton Rules of Engagement” where everyone in opposition is in “it” up to their necks.

  2. emdfl Says:

    Mike V – “One Hundred Heads”…

  3. Ron W Says:

    Like criminals do, they SAY they are coming to take from others what they have and keep for themselves. So being criminals they make the case for being armed they claim to oppose. Dangerous idiots indeed!

  4. Jeffersonian Says:

    I recommend they knock on the door first.

  5. Fz Says:

    “I will not be specific because I intend to get away with it.

    First, if you are coming after my individual civil rights, it’s personal.

    Second, when it has become personal, nothing will be below me and everything will be on the table. You, your employer, your house, your business, your spouse, kids, parents. Because as it stands today, for you, everything of MINE is already on the table. My business, home, car, employer, family. Social media accounts, Amazon buying records, memberships, donations.

    You will regret living under the same rules you imposed on me.”

  6. Kristophr Says:

    He might want to remove those Obama stickers from his car after he gets what he wants.

    Just sayin’.

  7. Ron W Says:

    “He might want to remove those Obama stickers from his car after he gets what he wants.”

    @Kristophr, you mean after he gets what he needs, instead of what he wants?

  8. majmike Says:

    I will turn in my ammunition one round at time, properly aimed and delivered with accuracy.

  9. Publius Says:

    Why should I tell them what I’d do? I think it would be more fun to make it a surprise.

  10. Ravenwood Says:

    Why are lefties (who have questionable support of law enforcement) so convinced that feds and cops would enforce a nationwide confiscation plan?

  11. Fz Says:

    Ravenwood: why?

    Because most of them have known cops only of the kind of ass-kissing ambitious climbers like Scott Israel, or . . .

    . . . .

    James Comey.

  12. kahr40 Says:

    The question isn’t what gun owners will do. The question is what he will do if only one percent of this country’s 90,000,000 gun owners tell his and masters to shove it? He should be specific.

  13. JK Brown Says:

    I pointed my gun at the government.

    “Rule 2! Rule 2!” they cried.

    “Exactly,” I said.

  14. Ravenwood Says:


    Because there’s more than one step required to ban guns. First they need to nullify the Second Amendment either through the Congress or the courts. Then they have to pass laws banning all the guns. Then they have to collect them.

    That’s the sticky part. Asking or telling civilian police or even the military (violating posse comitatus) to go door to door taking 300M guns away from 100M people. The cops and soldiers I’m related to I can say for sure aren’t signing up for that.

  15. Ravenwood Says:


    Oh… and all in the name of reducing gun violence. Hah!

  16. Jay Dee Says:

    So, when the sheriff’s department resigns enmasse, are you prepared to be drafted to enforce these laws?

  17. JTC Says:

    So, a kid from Parkland who was participating in the big anti-gun school walkout was hit and killed by a car.

    No, not that Parkland, the one in El Paso.

    See what these fucking idiots have wrought? They are directly responsible for this and it must be stopped.

    If just one kid can be saved by banning these bought and paid packaged child-labor actions it is worth giving up your 1A rights, right?

    Irony is a blind and cruel bitch ain’t she?

  18. Drake Says:

    “the government comes to take your guns…”

    No, YOU be specific. What government? State. Town, Federal?

    Who from that government? The cop with the house down the street from me? I doubt he would obey that order even if he agreed with it. State cops, the National Guard – I doubt either would obey that kind of illegal order.

    Federal cops? ATF, FBI, etc… There aren’t enough of them, they are already despised, and probably would quickly give up once open season on them was declared.

  19. Fz Says:

    Ravenwood: my asking why was directed at why the Left might think some cops would side with them.

    My answer was that there are enough nationally-visible ambitious ass-kissers who have climbed through the LE world for the Left to think they have a monopoly on the use of force. Gave two examples.

    sorry I wasn’t clear.

  20. Publius Says:

    The cops will probably do as they are told. Most of them, anyway. Essentially all of the military will do as they are told, too. They will be told the people they are raiding are “dangerous”, maybe “suspected domestic terrorists.” They will sleep MORE soundly at night knowing you are in jail and your guns are locked away in the evidence room.

    Do you see anyone refusing to execute GVRO’s in California? Don’t kid yourselves on this one. They ARE the “long arm of the law,” and anyone who breaks it will set himself in opposition to them.

  21. Tirno Says:

    So… here’s my idea:

    Apparently you can correlate a lot of info off ads served on Facebook. As in, you pay them to serve ads to a particular profession, political position, region, etc. You can then get feedback from people the ad is served to and put it together with other info.

    Long story short: create a fake anti-gun group, have Facebook serve out a fake anti-gun ad, and then correlate the data to get a home-address list of anti-gun supporters.

    Then encrypt the list, store it in some random places, and call the press, or have an associate do it. Let the press know how you derived the list, and that it is cached all over the place. You have the URLs, and you have the decryption key stored in safe places and duplicates with trusted associates. Without both, one would never find it or know what it is one had, even if one was the hosting company.

    In certain specified situations, such as a gun confiscation law being passed, or other tripwire events like certain prominent people going unexpectedly quiet online, the decryption keys will be released.

    Or, you never do this, but now that this has been articulated, it is too dangerous for Facebook to accept anti-gun advertising on the possibility that they are false-flags to identify anti-civil rights conspirators and collaborators.

    Also… this is why I’ve never started a Facebook account.

  22. Ravenwood Says:


    Yeah, my thoughts exactly. My guess is that since the left assumes that all cops (black and white) like going around and beating up black people, they figure that the same cops will be more than happy to go house to house confiscating guns.

    Yet again they don’t have a clue.

  23. Patrick Says:

    Conservatives have their heads up their collective asses if they think their guns will “stop the Left”. Any reassurance you get from them only abets the Leftist plan, because it makes you less willing to act in more meaningful ways today.

    History shows the Left is willing and able to use violence (especially violence by state actors). In short, they have a plan and it works. They have the history, the willingness and the moral (in their mind) high ground to stomp conservatives flat. They have done it before, and are looking to do it again.

    First they circle the noose around the social fabric and delegitimize community that is not centered on their collective dogma. Churches are bad, for instance, because they are not of the state and therefore everyone who is a church member is an extremist. The plan is to take over academic, media and social centers to control their narrative, then use them as springboards to “de-normalize” otherwise normal people.

    Historically the Left succeeds (over and over again) because the normal people in the middle just want to be left alone. Nobody with two kids and a mortgage is going to grab his rifle and “defend the constitution” from the extra-constitutional acts committed upon his neighbor by the state police. Or against his other neighbor, or the lady across town. And nobody will risk everything to defend him. All government employees unwilling to drop the boot will be long gone, pushed out to pasture or fired.

    This is Leftist plan. They have done it before. It’s written down, and history says it works.

    If you want to stop the Left you’ll do better protesting college censorship than reloading ammo. Because when it’s time for the guns, they will all be pointed at you. Game over.

  24. JTC Says:

    @Patrick, I dunno, giving up the game in advance based on history alone seems not only defeatist but wrong as to how the lines will be drawn this time; if it should come to armed insurrection or defense I submit the lines disappear as professional loyalties lose out to family ones. And once their soldiers leave their control *that’s* when we can say “Game Over”.

    I don’t think that time will come soon though; your paragraph about circling the noose is spot on and its pretty bad, but fedgov elements that you assume to drive enforcement and social division to the point of civil war are more oriented to our side for now. And some of its focus is being properly and quite effectively returned to our international defense and interests which is arguably the only place it belongs…and don’t doubt for a second that those foreign threats are at the very foundation of the leftist agenda. Get to the root.

    But I do think you grossly underestimate the will and ability of your neighbors -and overestimate the likelihood of your other neighbors in LE to take up arms against you- if it came to that.

    And absolutely our *academia* institutions are incubators of leftists foreign and domestic, one of the main components of that leftist consortium you identify in your noose comment. To me the answer there is the same one as for most of the left’s agenda; the first and most critical thing we can do is shut off the free money tap. That commie/muzzie/elitist/populist bullshit idealism tends to dry up pretty quick without the dough…follow the money, always follow the money. Starve those fuckers out I say. Plus, as to your alternative, I’m not sure I even know what the fuck “protesting college censorship” even is or how to do it…sounds pretty namby pamby to me though.

  25. Will Says:


    do you recall the L.A. cop that targeted fellow cops a couple years ago? He only killed one or two, but they collectively lost their shit, shooting up random citizens in their panic. Tied up that area for a week. Do you also recall the “DC sniper”? That area was a mess for a month, and that team wasn’t even targeting cops or officials.

    I think it is pretty obvious it wouldn’t take much of a focused effort to eliminate enthusiasm to seize guns. Probably only have to happen in a couple locations to get the point across to the US rank and file. Unfortunately, I suspect that things will reach that point, since I don’t expect sanity to suddenly break out on the left.

  26. Fz Says:

    “They will be told the people they are raiding are ‘dangerous’, maybe ‘suspected domestic terrorists.'”

    Nope. ChI1d pr0n.

    Suspends judgment immediately, every time.

  27. Fz Says:

    They will be told the people they are raiding are dangerous, maybe suspected domestic terrorists.’

    ‘Dangerous.’ That didn’t work for Nikolas Cruz. He skated.

    ‘Suspected terrorist’ didn’t work for Omar Mateen either.

    ‘Openly stated intent to shoot specific person at public gathering’ Nope for Cruz. Nope for Simpson or Soofi.

  28. Patrick Says:

    @JTC: Give up? Hell no. I just keep my focus on fighting today rather than waiting for tomorrow. I spend more time working with my kids in school (and their friends) than I do loading mags. We’re already losing several fronts of a civil war started by the Left a long time ago. I respect your points (and agree with many), but if you think this is won or lost with guns than we have already lost.

    @Will: Good points, except that when government actors (cops) get trigger happy none of them face legal consequence. That’s the key difference, I think. If normal citizens had shot out the back window of a truck “because maybe badguy” the outcome would change. If by “eliminating enthusiasm” you mean, ‘shoot the fuckers’, then your examples are (I think) counter-intuitive: the state will respond with more force, not less. More doors will get kicked in and more guns seized, all in the name of public security.

    @Overall Point: there seems to be an expectation among the right that there will come some “moment” when everyone knows to grab their guns and bar the doors. And then some kind of shooting civil war occurs where “we got all the guns” means something. Except it won’t happen, unless it is entirely too late.

    What happens is a steady encroachment of social, legal and political regulation that picks people off a few at a time. I’m not just talking about imprisonment – you can destroy a man and his family pretty effectively by killing his job and financial prospects.

    All of this is “the plan”, and it works when unchecked. Actually, it IS working. Try working in certain industries and certain areas and be openly conservative. People in some tech fields or government sectors already lose contracts/jobs and get blacklisted if they admit they go to the shooting range or show other “conservative indicators”.

    So the big battle conservatives have been waiting for is already here. It doesn’t need guns – it needs people to stand and support each other. We need to be heard politically (NRA, volunteer for an electoral campaign), socially (build relationships and take care of your friends), and academically (teach your kids and be critical of your schools).

    The Left are cowards and will never start a civil war that involves guns, unless the outcome is already neigh. The thing is, I think they started their civil war here a long time ago and we are just now starting to pay attention.

  29. Windy Wilson Says:

    In order for any of these proposals to work you would have to know where the dangerous leftists and especially the elected party members are; where they live and work, and once the balloon goes up, too late, you’ll never find them. As it is now, you don’t know where even the state representatives live, let alone Congressmen.
    And, if shooting starts, every one with a gun becomes a dangerous, unreasonable terrorist, and the Federals can pick them off one by one.
    We have to win the culture war, with the soap box and with one visit to the range at a time.

  30. Windy Wilson Says:

    In order for any of these proposals to work you would have to know where the dangerous leftists and especially the elected party members are; where they live and work, and once the balloon goes up, too late, you’ll never find them. As it is now, you don’t know where even the state representatives live, let alone Congressmen.
    And, if shooting starts, every one with a gun becomes a dangerous, unreasonable terrorist, and the Federals can pick them off one by one.
    We have to win the culture war, with the soap box and by taking visitors to the range, one at a time.

  31. Paul Koning Says:

    There are some interesting assumptions here all over the place.
    Leftists gun haters assume that cops will generally obey confiscation laws. Supporters of the Constitution assume that cops will generally obey their oath and refuse such orders. And some argue that “follow orders” is a stronger instinct than “obey the Constitution”.
    I’m not sure. On the one hand, Americans are taught about “rule of law” and the Constitution. LEOs and military swear an oath about this. Then again, so do politicians, and we all know that they almost unanimously despise and shit on the Constitution at every opportunity, even if they call themselves “conservatives”. And we know that police chiefs, politicians that they are, tend to act like other politicians and not like regular LEOs, i.e., they don’t support the Constitution either.
    So there is reason to worry that “terrorists!” is an excuse that will be used and will work.
    Everyone should read (or re-read) Matthew Bracken’s “Enemies foreign and domestic” (part 1 of his trilogy). It covers this whole subject very well, in a novel that is both plausible and extremely frightening. Gun confiscation, warrantless road blocks, “no knock” home invasions, and violent pushback against the enemy all are prominent topics in that novel.

  32. Will Says:

    Windy Wilson,

    Initially, you don’t really need to know where the politicians are living/hiding. Their major power lies with controlling badge toters. Those are directed by the police chiefs/sheriffs. Those bosses can be shut down by their own rank and file with a simple vote of “no confidence”.
    That vote could consist of their mailbox/slot or suggestion box being filled with various cartridges with the boss’s name written upon it. A pointed reminder that he/she can lead the list of those dying to collect and remove citizens 2nd Amendment Rights.
    You could call it “selective pruning”. Much better than the entire garden being plowed under.
    The needed weeding can then proceed as required.

  33. Patrick Says:

    @Paul: Great points on education that relate to a difference between the current and previous (our?) generations.

    Ask a graduate of the modern educational systems (elementary through collegiate) on the origin of their rights, and whether they exist if “the government” says they do not. Ask if it is OK for the government to sanction reprisal and violence for “hate speech”.

    I have. It’s not pretty. So much changed so fast. They’ve been setting this up a long time.

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