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Virtue signaling more important than business

Dick’s is going to destroy it’s remaining inventory of “assault style rifles”, whatever those are.

10 Responses to “Virtue signaling more important than business”

  1. Huck Says:

    It seems kinda fitting that their name is “Dicks”.

    The nearest Dick’s outlet to me is 75 miles away in Layton Utah. However, there’s a Cabela’s only a few miles away from Dick’s, so I’ll go there. (IMHO, Cabela’s has always been better anyway)

  2. Steve Ramsey Says:

    Well, I think the gun grabbers are on to something.

    All they have to do is BUY UP all the guns and destroy them. Maybe Soros and Bloomberg can chip in?

    Might be time to buy some Ruger Stock……

  3. Leatherwing Says:

    Any chance it’s because the manufacturer’s wouldn’t buy them back? Legit question, I have no idea how the supply chain works at that level.

  4. Ron W Says:

    Why didn’t they sell them to the military, police,Homeland Security, the FBI or ATF? Oh, that”s because they want the real “assault weapons”, select-fire, full-auto ones.

  5. Patrick Says:

    They signaled where their virtue lies, and I heard them. The smaller local tackle shops have smarter people, anyway. Eff Dicks.

  6. Ravenwood Says:

    You would think that stockholders would be up in arms. I know if I owned stock in a company that decided to simply start destroying inventory, I’d have a big problem with it.

  7. ExpatNJ Says:

    Isn’t Dick’s “disposing” of a firearm in violation of federal law? 18 US Code 922 (?) 921 (?).

  8. Will Says:

    Dicks can’t sent any of those rifles back. They screwed over their previous rifle supplier the last time they did this sort of virtue signalling. I doubt any gun supplier of theirs would take anything back from them, and I’m sure they all have it in writing, if they have any brains in their management. (Apparently Dicks doesn’t.) Once bitten, twice shy.

  9. Mike Says:

    Is there anything else they could do to alienate the largest part of their customer base? Honestly I don’t know how they could do a better job of that short of obtaining and publishing embarassing pictures of my mom.

  10. Larry Says:

    I want to see the video of them being destroyed. Don’t say it unless you back it up.