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The hot brass dance

Seen on facebook:

18 Responses to “The hot brass dance”

  1. JTC Says:

    VFTP posted and then removed that after finding out the original posting was a private group and the poster requested it stay within the group only.

    Apparently the poster is a range dude there, don’t know if it’s the same one who’s lucky he didn’t catch one of those TWO FUCKING ND’s this idiot popped off directly at him.

  2. AR-15 Shooter Says:

    It is good nobody was shot.

  3. Lyle Says:

    Weighing the possible consequences of a minor, first degree burn, and shooting blindly behind your back inside a building full of people, and then deciding which of the two options is preferable…

    Watching that video makes one want to beat that guy over the head with his own (empty) gun until he is bloody and senseless, but I suppose that too would be a poor choice.

    Shooting instructors! Your students must understand beforehand, that a little bit of pain for a minute or two, and a barely visible red spot on the skin for the next day, is likely preferable to blowing someone’s foot off, or killing someone. At least I think so. I might go so far as to suggest bringing a cigarette lighter to heat up some empty brass for a little demonstration of what it feels like while you’re in the process of saving the life and limb of others and even yourself.

    Feel that little sting? Your non-reaction to it is the feeling of saving someone from your own stupidity. Next time, dress differently– hot brass has a habit of not falling into places it can’t fall into.

    Others may have different thoughts.

    In other news; I got smacked right square in the face yesterday by a 10 mm case from a Glock 20. Pretty damned hard too. I’d never had that happen before. Curious. I don’t recall feeling the urge to dance though.

  4. Ravenwood Says:

    If that hot brass had fallen in betwixt his glasses and his face, he mighta blown his own head off.

  5. Patrick Says:

    This is why I don’t let cleavage onto our range. The wife and I give intros to lots of first-time people (women, mostly) and just won’t risk it with the low-cut crowd. We give them the dress code before they show up, but some of them end up draped in a towel anyway. Also people in hoodies.

    I’ll need to save this video for the intro talk.

  6. JTC Says:

    A thick plexi panel dropped into place behind the shooter limits upper body movement to 180 and also prevents that out of control arm/hand movement and direction.

  7. Will Says:

    Maybe a sign advising people that if their muzzle swings back toward other people, they stand a chance of someone shooting them in self-protection. Might get some attention, and make them think.

  8. SPM Says:

    Patrick, I know all about that! Once you get hot brass in the bra you never forget!

  9. emdfl Says:

    Had a hot, just-ejected .22 case flip up over and behind my glasses once. Some how I managed to put up with the pain and not pull off a few rounds in various directions.

  10. mikee Says:

    Hot brass is bad. Wasps are bad, too. At outdoor ranges, check for the nasty critters everywhere possible before using your station. Once stung was enough for me.

  11. pawnshopguy Says:

    Smooth. Nothing says prepared better than losing your mind over a hot piece of brass. There is no chance that piece of brass will be anything of consequence, but his panicked reaction had a very great chance of being deadly. I hope he learned a lesson.

  12. JTC Says:

    @mikee; also they are attracted to that lovely aphrodisiacal smell of shootiness just as we are (or is that just me?)…If there’s a nest under your station or table, they will all come for you; and wasps will pursue your ass.

    There is a temptation to shoot them out of the air (or is that just me too?), but that is 1. hard as hell 2. giving them time to zoom in on you, and 3. dangerous as fuck for anybody withi a mile or so of you.

  13. Will Says:


    Never leave an uncovered drink can while at the range. Damn wasps like to fly inside for a sip. Don’t bother asking how I know. Just think about the possible results when you try to take a drink…

  14. JK Brown Says:

    If only there had been a bench or something for him to lay the gun on before reaching back with his gun hand.

  15. Sendarius Says:

    @Patrick (comment 5):

    I give safety briefings at my local gun club.

    To the women and girls present, I stress the importance of NOT wearing cleavage revealing tops, and explain why.

    The last time I did that, one of the group lodged an official complaint to the club that I made sexist comments and demeaned women.

    Now, when I give the briefing, I explicitly refer to that report, simply to emphasise how juvenile and stupid that woman was, and suggest that the current group might want to behave better.

  16. jack burton Says:

    I worked in a Navy personnel office on Torii Station Army Base just north of Kadena AFB 1n 1974 and our department head decided that he wanted all of us clerical type people .45 qualified (maybe because he was concerned that chucking our typewriters at invading Viet Cong couldn’t guarantee us a OSS).

    I was in a lane to the immediate left of a young sailorette, one of the first non-medical WAVES assigned permanently on Okinawa. She had just started in working in our office a few days earlier and in WAVE boot camp they then didn’t weapons qualify so it was her first time with any gun of any kind.

    Being a female type sailor, her dungaree blouse buttoned from the reverse of the men’s, so the opening gapped to the left instead of the right. While we were shooting rapid fire one of my ejected brass flew into the gap in her blouse, and then wedged deeply into her cleavage (she was VERY well endowed).

    She was quite surprised, upset, and vocal… and waving a .45 around in one hand while she danced across the range grabbing at her chest with the other. I was the only one who knew what happened, and I was dying laughing while everyone else scattered until things got back under control. I think the range Gunny put his retirement papers in the next day. Just couldn’t handle these new-fangled ideas about women on the firing line.

    She eventually forgave me, and this year we celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary. (She’s since learned much better range manners, and I try not to give her any reason to regret going with me 🙂

  17. Ravenwood Says:

    @jack, it sounds like she got that last laugh.

    Great story.

  18. Blounttruth Says:

    The worst I have had was shooting a 17 HMR prone on mat, when youngsters came in and a hot 45 rolled under my belly. Fastest I have moved in a long time, but if I ever decide to join a gang, I have a .45 brand under my left breast, street cred YO!