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The lawsuit will be a good one

Open Carry Texas founder arrested for carrying a gun.

5 Responses to “The lawsuit will be a good one”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    See, that’s how you do it.
    Don’t just sit around and complain about such and such government illegally infringing on your rights: go out there and get yourself some “standing.”
    Betcha he’s got multiple camera angles.

  2. rickn8or Says:

    Yabbut he was charged with everything BUT carrying a gun.

  3. Kermit Says:

    Fruit of the poisonous tree. If it can be shown that he was stopped merely for engaging in legal activity, everything after that becomes questionable.

  4. Paul Says:

    Well if you do defy their laws DO NOT RESIST! Comply with any and all of the cops demands. Let them arrest you and take you to jail.

    THEN call the lawyer. False arrest. Sue for $$$. Good way to enhance your retirement!

    Thar is GOLD in them thar illegal laws!

  5. Jay Eimer Says:

    The guy who runs OCT is a jerk, and his actions frequently are not helpful to our cause, but in this case it’s pretty obvious that if the cops had followed the law (State Pre-emption and legal open carry) and likewise the city (their no carry ordinance also violates pre-emption) then there was no justification for the stop, thus no arrest, and then no need for force (or resistance).

    I think he sues for false arrest and has everything else thrown out because of it. And the city has already as much as admitted to this, as the city council repealed the ordinance already!

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