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With their wallet

Membership in gun rights groups is up. The local press reported last week’s gun show had a record turnout in both vendors and attendees. After a bunch of teenagers threaten NRA members and gun owners in general, this is the result. Good.

15 Responses to “With their wallet”

  1. BigFire Says:

    I was all set to go for lifetime membership. Except NRA doesn’t exactly have a direct payment system for that and only have payment plan. I don’t do payment plan. So I opted for 5 year membership.

  2. Skip Says:

    Not really in favor, but rejoined NRA.
    In favor, sent GOA some bucks.

  3. Ron W Says:

    I’ve been with GOA for a long time and TFA (Tennessee), but I may rejoin NRA since they are taking brunt of scapegoating, communist propaganda. GOA takes pride in leftist politicians saying they are the worst and responsible for radicalizing the NRA…LOL.

    Like I’ve heard it said, “I’d rather be despised by the despicable than admired by the admirable.”

  4. Blounttruth Says:

    I hope it stays up and climbs more as it appears that in Seattle, confiscation without charge, warrant, or any due process has commenced.

  5. Erik Says:

    By not doing life membership with the NRA right now I feel that you’re holding ANTIFA’s hand. When the NAACP comes out against your civil rights then it’s a pure numbers game now. Buy all your friends memberships too.

  6. Patrick Says:

    If history holds, permit applications for carry will also go up over the next few months.

    The wife and I think that the gun control blood dances probably get some lefties more involved, but that someone who goes through the expense and effort to get a carry permit has more at stake in future political fights and is therefore more likely to represent.

    Our theory: every new gun carrier is probably worth two (or more) new lefty gun controllers, just because the carrier is more invested. The gun on their hip is more than a #Hashtag.

  7. Patrick Says:

    Oh, and we both re-joined NRA. Next month we sign up the kids.

  8. Ron W Says:

    Here’s an excellent short column to counter the gun controllers:

    One fact is that on the avg, 30 people a day die from DUI vehicular homocides. I once shutdown a gun control doctor when I suggested that a permit, like a gun permit, be required to purchase or consume alcohol in restaurants or bars. She said, ” oh, I don’t think we can do that!” I asked, why not? It’s imposed on me to exercise a right. Why not that too, “if it saves even one life.” No answer. Debate over.

  9. Mike Voncannon Says:

    BigFire: you used to be able to make a 1 time payment for a life membership, but that could have changed. You might call them and see, you might be able to convert you 5 year membership into a life by paying the difference.

  10. Jailer Says:

    Ron W the fail with your proposal is the gun controllers have no intention of debating.

  11. Ron W Says:

    @ Jailer, yep, they just want to be the “useful idiots” shouting down and scapegoating to propagandize the old, regressive communist and fascist agenda of citizen disarmament.

  12. Joe Says:

    I just used this link to get my life membership for $600. Feel free to share.

  13. Blue Falcon in Boston Says:

    So Bass Pro caved to the SJWs whom never have nor will spend a dime in their stores and stabbed gun owners and women in the back. The Massachusetts Gun Owners Action League and Massachusetts Women Gun Owners were sponsoring the First Annual Concealed Carry Fashion Show at Bass Pro Shops in Foxboro, MA outside Gillette Stadium and Bass Pro corporate canceled “because of guns”. Several members of the GOAL BoD and a whole bunch of volunteers poured their time, effort, and money into this event, and Bass Pro Shops cancelled it at the 11th hour. Less than two days before it was supposed to happen – and way too late to change venues.

    Boycott Bass Pro!

  14. Johnny Says:

    Bought myself a NRA lifetime membership yesterday. All thanks to some idiot Hogg-ing up the TV

  15. Ron W Says:

    Just bought a Savage 10 rifle the other day and it had a discount coupon in the box for an NRA membership so I will probably rejoin since they’re taking brunt of communist anti-gun rights propaganda. Otherwise, I’m a GOA member which a number of leftist politicians have correctly admitted is “worse” and has been responsible for “radicalizing” the NRA….LOL. As a quote I’ve seen says, “I would rather be despised by the despicable, than admired by the admirable.”

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