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This is funny

Especially because he’s appropriating my culture:

I don’t name my guns. Well, let me rephrase that. I call them all the same name. Mr. Blasty.

19 Responses to “This is funny”

  1. Bluescare Says:

    That was pretty funny, the ammo bit especially as I just take bulk ammo in cans even if only planning to shoot ~100 rounds. Though I’ve noticed it’s more a new shooter thing to buy/bring ammo in very small quantities rather than a black/non-white thing.

  2. Jailer Says:

    Yup fit all but #5. Seriously though, who names their guns besides crazy people?

  3. HL Says:

    Funny stuff, and mostly true…but I don’t know anyone that names their guns, either.

  4. Huck Says:

    I always bring a crapload of ammo when I go shooting. I figure that it’s better to bring ammo home from the range than to run out before I’m ready to leave. On the flip side; Running out of ammo is a good reason to leave.

    I’ve only named one gun that I’ve ever owned. A Uberti big loop lever Winchester 1892 carbine (.45 Colt) that looks just like the one that John Wayne used in True Grit. I call it “The Duke”. BTW, The Duke has the smoothest action of any lever rifle that I’ve ever used.

  5. Ritchie Says:

    Well, I always say “I only brought one box”, but it’s metal, with a flip open lid, a folding carry handle, and it’s pretty heavy, at least when I get there.

  6. Andrew Says:

    Ha. Was invited to a .22 range once, showed up with 4 guns, three rifles (AR7, 10-22 and a Rem 510 boltie) and a Ruger MkIII pistol (bastards, why couldn’t you have made the MkIV 10 years earlier.) This is after 2 years of starting the gunzzzz collection.

    I was the minimalist there. Seriously. One guy had 5 different 10-22s, with different barrels, stocks, optics, not including the 10-22 pistol.

    And, yeah. I ran out one time and had to buy the range’s reloaded stuff and I somehow ended up with more ammo than I left with. Weird.

    I consider it time to leave the range when my thumbs are tired of pushing ammo into mags (gosdarned mag springs…)

  7. Drake Says:

    My old H&K rifle is named Fritz.

  8. Ravenwood Says:

    “Tonight, you pukes will sleep with your rifles. You will give your rifle a girl’s name because this is the only pussy you people are going to get.” — GSGT Hartman

  9. Gerry Says:

    My co-workers 1911 is called Old Black Betty.

  10. Brett Says:

    In the Marines I named my .50 Machine Gun Betsy.

  11. tkdkerry Says:

    Ruger Service Six named Sonia, purchased the day Sonia Sotomayor was sworn in. Also an Israeli Mauser named Cherut ( “freedom” ) and an FAL named Deodand. The rest are unnamed, but I’m sure they all know they’re loved.

  12. Tirno Says:

    I have an AR-15 lower with an MHI logo engraved on it (Thanks, Wally!). I did a paint-fill job so the logo is in green, most of the rest of the marking are in white, and the fire positions are in red. (“SAFE”, “WOLF”, “WERE WOLF”).

    Assembled into a full rifle, its name is “The AR-15 with the MHI logo on it”.

  13. Geoff Says:

    My suppressed AR10 is BFG308.

  14. JTC Says:

    Wait until he gets invited to the Real Gun Guys place, where the range is the back forty (okay, five), the ammo is brung in the back of the truck, and their ain’t enough names for all the shooty stuff the guys bring…unless some newbie or invited OTW dude asks “WTF is THAT?” Then you gotta give ’em a name.

  15. Jay Dee Says:

    Call my 1911 the “Fat Lady”.

  16. SPQR Says:

    My Century Arms CETME was named after the worker who built it: “Syphilitic Monkey”

  17. Robert Says:

    I kinda like his idea of “Fredrick Douglas” as a name.

  18. Daniel Schwartz Says:

    I know somebody who took his 11-year-old girl shooting. She was the one who named the guns!

    The Beretta 92 was “the Flamethrower”, because, well, it was. The Glock 30 was “Gaston”,both because of Gaston Glock, and because of the Disney film “Beauty & the Beast”. “No one shoots like Gaston…”

  19. mikee Says:

    Deodand? As in a thing that had caused a person’s death and was forfeited to the English crown for a charitable purpose? Or the flotsam washed up on a beach, like ambergris, or found while digging about, like antiquities?

    Deodands still exist in the US in an altered form. While minerals can be taken from public lands (mining with permits), and the oil under your west Texas ranch belongs to you, vertebrate fossils here in Texas are property of the state. I have an large number of Cretaceous oysters, though.

    And my 15 year old son, when shooting a Mosin carbine, enjoyed the fireball and the kick, and said in a heavy accent, “Is gun. Pull trigger, destroy.” Names were never needed.

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