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Marketing fail


They know snow melts, right?

5 Responses to “Marketing fail”

  1. chiefjaybob Says:

    Don’t all operators who operate operationally drink their own pee?

    Man, have I been foolish…..

  2. HL Says:

    Designed by 12 year olds, built by 8 year olds, promoted by 5 year olds.

  3. JTC Says:

    My comment at a place she linked when they didn’t grok the snark…

    Hey it’s edgy…more ragged edge than cutting edge, but I’ve dealt with guys who imagine themselves to be badass operators and who imagine they would do whatever it takes to be one, and hey if you gotta drink piss…

    This goofy shit would actually appeal to that imagination and kel-tec might even sell some wannabe operator hardware to some wannabe operators with it. Plus there’s a shakeout looming in the gun biz; maybe they’re saying they will do whatever it takes to be a survivor themselves.

    The referenced writer has shown little patience for such posers, and I guess that was her point.

  4. Flight-ER-Doc Says:

    They’re from Florida…what do they know about snow?

  5. Sigivald Says:

    Pity, since it looks like an interesting (if perhaps overpriced) rifle.