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But no one wants to take your guns

Except for the Lieutenant Governor of California.

7 Responses to “But no one wants to take your guns”

  1. Heath J Says:


    The worst part is I don’t think he’s just shitposting to stir up the crazies.

  2. rickn8or Says:

    IIRC, NRA members were involved in exactly zero of those events he mentioned.

  3. Skip Says:

    No! Your move.

  4. Blue Falcon in Boston Says:

    “IIRC, NRA members were involved in exactly zero of those events he mentioned”

    Actually in Texas the fellow which shot back and ultimately stopped the mass murdering creeper was a NRA member and a former NRA instructor.

  5. rickn8or Says:

    Blue Falcon, let me amend that toe “no NRA member was involved as a Bad Guy.”

  6. JTC Says:

    My comment there:

    By “we” do you mean that you personally will be coming to take my personal property that is protected by law, the U.S. Constitution, and well, by me and the “property” itself? Please say yes…

  7. BDubya Says:

    That’s the trick, isn’t it.
    In New York, for instance, there are now several hundred thousand instant felons now that they’ve passed the SAFE act. Who mostly just laughed and said, “Come and get ’em boys”.
    Strangely, none of the County Sheriffs and so far, none of the State Police have jumped up to go house to house to enforce it. Something about wanting to go home at the end of shift without bullet holes.
    The gun grabbers always think that somebody else is going to do the actual, violent confiscatory work.