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An M&P15 Sport shot until it catches fire:

6 Responses to “Fire”

  1. Tim Says:

    That vid was awesome! I bought one ‘new’ after Trump-aggedon for $440. Liked it so much I bought a second, used one for $400. Money we’ll spent.

  2. JTC Says:

    Think that site would spring for one of those $4K AR’s made of helium and nothingness you linked the other day?

    Be great to see it evaporate before our eyes 2 or 3 mags in. Plus, it and whoever would buy it both deserve to die.

  3. JTC Says:

    Sorry, 3K not 4. Still as I said there, give me 6 of these little Sport models instead any day, which are already light and low-recoil enough that I shoot them arm-extended like a pistol

  4. Ratus Says:

    Just the crappy handguard that almost everyone replaces with a Magpul.

    The Sport is still my go-to entry level AR recommendation.

  5. Lyle Says:

    At first I thought this was a pointless vid just to get attention, which it mostly is, but I suppose it tells us a little something. That is, if you do a melt-down on every AR variant, so you have a comparison.

    So it’s largely pointless, as opposed to entirely pointless. It gives us a comparison of how a few rifles hold up to a ridiculous level of abuse which has little relevency to actual use. How various ARs would hold up to rigorous use in IPSC Three-Gun and heavy training is another subject, but that would take more time and effort to flush out, and it wouldn’t be exciting. So this is something like running different automobiles into a reinforced concrete wall at 100 MPH as a way of seeing which ones hold up to it better. Would it ever matter? Aren’t there more important metrics? But it makes for a fun video and that’s the point.

    That’s a lot of money up in smoke.

    So when do gun videos become fake news for the purpose of selling ads or other ulterior goals? Well there’s no getting away from it, is there? But where’s the line, when we all want more clicks? “And now; animals! Close up, with a wide-angle lens!”

    “Just the crappy handguard that almost everyone replaces with a Magpul.”
    Which is also polymer and will also burn if you use your light carbine like a machinegun and over-heat it. Not sure there’s any point there.

  6. JTC Says:

    I had just sold off a couple of cheap LNIB AR’s left over from shop inventory; a Ruger 556 and a Bushie, to an old customer that came by to buy a fat gold Cuban-link bracelet he knew I had. He saw the AR’s sitting in the safe in their boxes and a bulk box of 1000 fmj rounds. I knew he had 1500 left from the 5k bundle of 100’s he brought for the 100 gm bracelet (good deal for him at $35 gm) so when he asked how much for the package that’s what I said. He liked that it was a private sale and took the deal…and it was good for us both.

    I had kept those as part of a shtf stash but don’t care for bushmasters and find the rugers clunky. But dumping them left me a little light on kit; I sold a crap load of Sports as entry AR’s and always liked them but never would have known how well they take maximum abuse. So after watching that vid last night, today I ordered two of them from Buds at 499 with free ship and no tax which is about $30 ea. cheaper than my delivered wholesale cost would be right now if I was still an FFL, then I replaced the ammo at 249 also with free ship and a free can…that left me with 250 so I added a Smif BG380 with a CT laser they have at 249 after a rebate.

    Nice little set of trades and I like all of it for the just in case purpose it serves…and it’s good to remember that just because suppliers are in Trump Slump Dump mode right now doesn’t mean that will continue if bad domestic shit comes our way…which if anything seems more likely every day with attendant effect on price and availability.

    So that seemingly pointless and wasteful torture test did play a part as relatively inexpensive advertising Lyle; even to someone already familiar with the product, as a marketing device it serves a purpose, one that Glock demonstrated decades ago and that was instrumental in getting their plastic into more than half of LEO holsters today.

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