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Straws and grasping

Giffords gun control group equates muzzle loaders with bump stocks.

4 Responses to “Straws and grasping”

  1. Huck Says:

    If those retards think that a .50 muzzleloader is “scary”, they’d shit if they saw the 500 grain conical mini-balls that are used in Civil War period rifle muskets.

    And using a suppresser on a muzzleloader is a waste of time and money since the report of a black powder shot isn’t anywhere near as loud and sharp as modern propellant. Plus, the black powder residue would clog up the suppresser pretty quickly.

  2. Sigivald Says:

    “Everything .50″ across is the same, so a muzzle-loader is a Barret M82 and can shoot down the ISS!!!”

  3. Ron W Says:

    The gun control agenda Is all about ignorance, bigotry and elitism.

  4. SPM Says:

    Yeah, they say the 2A is about muskets.. Those morons don’t know that a lot of them was in 70+ caliber.

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