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I bet they feel safer

A 74 year-old in Where Great Britain Used To Be was found to have 160 illegal guns. He’s a collector and history buff.

8 Responses to “I bet they feel safer”

  1. rickn8or Says:

    I’ve never seen such a high degree of PSH pearl-clutchery in one article before.

  2. Joe A Says:

    Love this caption: “This Kalashnikov, pictured, has been fitted with a bayonet to increase its killing potential”

  3. Sabre22 Says:

    This is straight out of the movie Hot fuzz

  4. mikee Says:

    And if you have an AK bayonet and its sheath, can you make a wire cutter, increasing the killing potential even more?

  5. Lyle Says:

    If he had anything written by Winston Churchill they’ll have to burn it all too. If the people can’t be trusted with guns, they can’t be trusted with the ideas of real men either. That’d be “cultural pollution” or something.

  6. ASM826 Says:

    He was a collector and history buff. Now he is a convict.

  7. Eric Wilner Says:

    In a caption: “… wrote to the fire brigade to express his remorse by placing them in danger as a result of his illegal horde of ammunition which could have exploded”
    Er. Not only does smallarms ammunition not do that (though a chambered round could be bad news in a fire), but it’s the wrong kind of hoard. A horde of ammunition seems an interesting concept, though.
    Ah, the press. Combining technical discompetence and illiteracy in a single phrase. (Bonus: “express his remorse by placing them in danger” seems rather curiously worded.)
    And this does rather point out the effectiveness of the English gun laws, when someone with no ill intent can somehow get such a collection on that island.

  8. Ron W Says:

    How far they have fallen–into disarmed barbarism.

    “A man can never have too many books, too much red wine or too much ammunition.” –Rudyard Kipling, English poet

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