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Ryan is stalling the SHARE act and the HPA.

5 Responses to “Shocking”

  1. Rivrdog Says:

    Of course he is. Attempts on the 2A are the stock-in-trade of Deep State.

  2. Michael Says:

    This is getting silly. Ryan has an A+ rating from the NRA. He is no member of the deep state. A speaker’s job is to make sure a bill doesn’t come to the floor until it has the votes. If it hasn’t come to the floor, it probably doesn’t have the votes.

    If this is a difficult vote for some members, it is a good thing that it doesn’t come to the floor prematurely.

  3. wildbill Says:

    Lyin’ Ryan is a RINO POS and no friend of the American people. He’s doing the work of the elites to keep the little people in their place. The sooner he goes the better for us. As far as the A+ rating, the NRA for some reason routinely seems to support people that aren’t really friends of gun owners. I don’t know what the NRA heads are getting in return.

  4. wildbill Says:

    Ryan at his best.

  5. Tam Says:

    Now, Michael, you stop that grownup talk about parliamentary procedure. It’s too complicated.