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Bump in the night

What’s going on with bump stocks? Not much, apparently.

2 Responses to “Bump in the night”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Bump stocks have nothing to do with anything, and so, properly, nothing would be going on with them.

    We’re in a sort of Twilight Zone, similar to having a federal Central Planning Committee, or bureau, scrutinizing every bit of writing to see if they can approve it for publication. (first amendment/second amendment)

    The Central Planning/coercive-management-of-society mindset, which is anti-constitutional (not bump stocks or pistol grip stocks, or firing rates, et al), is the problem here. Get rid of THAT, replace it with an understanding and a love of liberty and self determination, and we’ll be OK.

    So let’s not get dragged down into the weeds, arguing on the Progressive’s terms, on the Progressive’s playing field, using Progressive premises. The only proper answer to them is; “Nope; you’ve got it all wrong—You have the wrong set of premises and a misplaced assumption of authority. Let’s work on fixing that, and then maybe we can have a conversation…” (See, whatever you may think of Trump, he doesn’t play their game on their turf. That’s why he’s so hated, and it is why, if ever is effective, he will have been so— They simply do not have the tools to deal with him, they’re so accustomed to being able to change the basis of the argument in their favor, that such is all they have)

  2. mikee Says:

    It won’t be bumpstocks that are banned. It will be an attempt to make illegal the purchase or ownership of multiple firearms, or at least the registration of firearms. Obama tried for a “multi gun purchase” registration scheme via the false crisis he created with Fast & Furious. He failed because of a whistleblower in the ATF and a gun blogger or two and Sheryl Attkisson.

    When it comes, it will come quickly. Be ready to say not just “No” but “HELL NO!”

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