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They spelled “completely” wrong

The Trace is getting their listicle on: These Six Barely Legal Gun Products Are Still Widely Available

I do have to give props to the Trace for one thing. Prior gun control groups never really bothered to learn gun laws or understand them. They’d just rant hysterically or make really stupid claims. You remember the shoulder thing that goes up and the thirty clip magazine? At least the Trace has made it a point to actually understand the laws. Sure, they’re doing it for dumb reasons. But they are doing it. Maybe they’ll understand one day how dumb a lot of federal gun laws and regulations are.

9 Responses to “They spelled “completely” wrong”

  1. Phelps Says:

    I love how the Black Aces Tactical “adds a magazine”, as if every other firearm on the page didn’t also have a magazine, including the Shockwave they seem to be referring to.

  2. Paul Koning Says:

    Interesting that they seem to object to weapons that are larger than the minimum required by law, on the grounds that they are just barely large enough.

  3. Daniel Schwartz Says:

    As I frequently tell my kids, “barely” is another way of saying “yes”… just as “almost” is another way of saying “no”.

    (Did you do your homework? “Almost!” That means no.)

    “Barely legal”… you mean, like someone 18 years and one day old who voted? Is that vote somehow illegitimate?

  4. Chet Says:

    I saw a driver on the highway going barely under the speed limit today. Can’t they do something about that?

  5. kfg Says:

    So, if I want a side arm, do I end up hunting squirrel with a .30-06, or deer with a .22LR?

  6. beatbox Says:

    It’s funny how they provided links to where to buy them.

  7. Sigivald Says:

    kfg: This is why modular weapon systems would take off! And sub-caliber inserts!

    Think of the jobs it would create!


  8. Laughingdog Says:

    “Maybe they’ll understand one day how dumb a lot of federal gun laws and regulations are.”

    You could leave out “gun” from that, and probably replace “a lot” with “most” for that matter.

  9. Ron W Says:

    @Laughingdog, you’re correct .
    Like all gun laws the pertain to the People, most federal laws are unlawful in that they have NO delegated powers for them. James Madison, considered the Wordsmith of the Constitution wrote, “the powers delegated to the federal government are FEW and defined”. And according to the plain wording of the 10th Amendment, without delegated powers, it may lawfully do NOTHING.