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Sort of want

An automated pistol magazine loader:

The have an indiegogo here. Currently, I just keep a lot of magazines on hand. At least 50 per gun. I don’t like to load at the range. I like to spend the time shooting. And I have a deal with Junior. I pay her $1 to load a rifle magazine and $0.50 for a pistol magazine. Gives her some spending money and she gets to practice a skill.

5 Responses to “Sort of want”

  1. Nolan Says:

    I’m more interested in the collapsible buffer tube they glossed over in that video, personally. $200 to load mags is a bit steep for my wallet.

  2. dagamore Says:

    I noticed that every perk is marked as ships world wide, I wonder if they have done their ITAR payment and compliance…..

  3. Lyle Says:

    So; one more thing I have to lug around with me, and keep charged? What’s the payoff? For the same money, buy more magazines, and fill them at your pleasure.

    Maybe it’d be good for people with injured hands, with a missing hand, or for old ladies. Then again, if you can’t load your magazines without a machine, maybe you chose the wrong gun. Also, you probably can’t rack the slide either. Consider getting a revolver.

    I do like the pure gadgetry of it though, for gadgetry’s sake. Kind of like having a machine to butter an ear of corn, it’s entertaining for a little bit, but then it gets put away to collect dust in the back of the pantry.

    We continue down the path of buying machines to do our physical work, then paying for exercise machines and gyms, and taking diet pills and other meds because we never get enough proper exercise.

    The gadget should come with a dedicated workout machine, designed to strengthen your hands for loading magazines. That workout machine would be a dummy magazine, which you would load manually with dummy ammo while your automatic magazine loader is running.

    Then of course you need a dummy gun which takes the dummy magazines loaded with dummy ammo, which is all designed to help increase hand strength and build up some limited amount of callouses, for racking the slide on your real gun.

    If you want to maintain the soft, gentle hands of a King, then I suppose you should just hire an armed body guard and let him worry about this stuff.

  4. J T Bolt Says:

    tsk. Quisling to our coming robut overlords.

  5. deadcenter Says:

    I use a MagLULA for rifle mags and an UpLULA for high capacity pistol mags. they’re both great thumb savers.

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