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See through suppressor in slow motion

Very cool stuff made by Soteria Suppressors:

4 Responses to “See through suppressor in slow motion”

  1. Lyle Says:


  2. JTC Says:

    Pretty good how-to for when mufflers are not “guns” but just what they are; a safety accessory. And for when they don’t require an engineer but just a good machinist to make.

  3. Paul Koning Says:

    I think the engineering is in optimizing the design for weight and size while delivering adequate strength; the video discusses that at some length. Yes, once the engineering is done, the manufacturing requires a good machinist.
    If you don’t need it to quite as good, you can make a suppressor without being any kind of machinist; see P.A. Luty’s website.

  4. JTC Says:

    “the video discusses that (engineering)”

    Yes, that’s the “how-to” part. But you only have to do that once.

    Fabrication otoh has to be done right one at a time every time, not the place to cut corners; doing it wrong/poorly can get your ass maimed or blowed up.

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