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Sort of want

An integrally suppressed .50 caliber muzzle loader that is not a firearm and can be shipped right to your door. Via Tam, who notes:

That sound you hear is Diane Feinstein’s teeth grinding and Bloomberg’s distal sphincter slamming shut. Glorious!

If the price was about $400 cheaper, I’d buy one definitely. But a grand is a bit steep for a novelty.

Not valid in New Jersey.

10 Responses to “Sort of want”

  1. Paul Koning Says:

    So suppressors are not restricted if they aren’t designed to be connected to a “firearm”?

  2. Heath J Says:

    My thoughts exactly on the novelty. I’d buy one, but a grand is a bit steep. (and at that point, $1000 dollars gets me a decent can and the tax stamp for it)

  3. Tirno Says:


    There are air rifles that have silencers built into them that do not need NFA hoop-jumping. I think the distinguishing feature is that these mufflers are permanently affixed to the non-firearm and cannot be removed to use on a actual firearm (for anything less than the machining level of effort to actually build one from the ground up).

    See this air rifle from Air Force for example. Not a firearm, depite the fact that it’ll push a .457 caliber projectile at about 930 feet per second, about 400 foot-pounds of energy, which is on-par for .45 ACP.

  4. nk Says:

    A couple of months back, I said about another Silencerco rifle silencer that they should call it the Silencero and market it to the Cowboy Action Shooting folks. It seems that they were ahead of me. And for those Wild West characters, $1,000 is not too much. They spend a lot more than that on their outfits.

  5. Kristophr Says:

    Interesting. I can permanently put a can on my .45 underhammer muzzleloading pistol without NFA paperwork then.

  6. MattW Says:

    Kristophr, I’d be rather careful with that assumption, given in the ATF letter the specifically states that is the suppressor was manufactured “separately”, it may result in the making of a regulated device. In my completely amateur opinion, that means the suppressor has to be manufactured as part of the “non-firearm” from the ground up.

    “Also, if a sound moderator unit were to be fabricated separately it may be the making
    of a firearm silencer”

  7. mbogo Says:

    The one thing Silencerco does not provide is the nooise reduction in decibels. The unmoderated Strikerfire costs under $500 MSRP; if theyre asking $500 to add a can, they ought to tell us whether it reduces the report.

  8. BB-Idaho Says:

    Dunno..looks like the muffler off a Mini Cooper…

  9. Lyle Says:

    It’s a gimmick, though a pretty cool one.

    The traditional under-barrel stowed ram rod is apparently not an option, meaning you’d have to carry the rod separately, and also carry that silencer blocker tube thingy separately, in the field. That’s a deal killer to me, no matter now cool it may be as a range gun.

    Bizarrely, their “cleaning” video shows only the take-down and oiling of the action. No cleaning, and most notably, no cleaning or any other treatment of the barrel/silencer combo whatsoever. BIG red flag. How do you clean a suppressor, which will foul with black powder residue, when apparently it cannot be disassembled?

    Note the strato-optic (very high sight axis), the relatively low comb, and the lack of iron sights. There’s no cheek weld when sighting. All they did was graft a fat can onto a rifle built for a lower sight axis.

    “Yo, Dog; we hear you like silencers, and we hear you like muzzleloaders, so here’s a muzzleloader with a silencer”. That’s as far as it went.

    It may be legal to own and use in Washington State, but it’s not legal for hunting muzzleloader season if the only sighting option is an optic.

  10. Kristophr Says:

    MattW. Not a problem, just make a new pistol. You can do that fairly easily with underhammers. Parts for those are all off the shelf.

    I would probably want to use a new round barrel anyway, instead of the hexagonal barrel on my current pistol.