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For consistency, let’s apply it to all rights

Apply background checks for gun purchases to voting

And why not speech or religion?

3 Responses to “For consistency, let’s apply it to all rights”

  1. Paul Koning Says:

    One of the best takes on this subject is by Michael Williamson:

  2. Miles Says:

    The only dealio is that NICS entries are only prohibited people. It’s not a “This data says this guy is OK”, it’s a “We’ve got no data that says this guy is Not OK”.

    If you haven’t been adjudicated a Felon, Mentally Defective, Dishonorably Discharged etc, you’re not going to have an entry in NICS and – as advertised – if you’re not entered in the system, you’re going to get a ‘Proceed’.

    So, if Jose Jimenez the illegal immigrant has the required ID given to him by the sanctuary state of CaliMexifornia and he’s never been processed by ICE before, he’s still gonna get that voter ID card, no matter how wet his back is.

  3. mikee Says:

    The indelible ink on the index finger would be a good start to avoid multiple votes cast by professional voters.

    Then paper ballots, serialized, to insure only those ballots that actual voters used got counted, and that the count was accurate.

    Then worry about voter registration. Motor Voter absurdity is one thing to eliminate. College kids voting at college rather than at their homes of record is another item to control. And keeping felons from registering, dead people from voting, and boxes of ballots from appearing long after voting ends.