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That’s not an accident

Tactical Facepalm:

A gun accidentally was fired Wednesday in a dressing room at Lenox Square, Atlanta police said.

A .22-caliber gun was found by a 10-year-old boy in the Adidas store under a bench, police spokeswoman Stephanie Brown said.

The mother took the gun from her son and said she pulled the trigger to see if it was real, Brown said. A single shot was fired.

What was accidental? Emphasis added.

5 Responses to “That’s not an accident”

  1. Lyle Says:

    “Negligently” is the word.

    Would she drink poison to see if it’s real too? Interestingly, she didn’t point the gun at her head first, you know, to be extra sure it was real.

  2. Tim Says:

    ‘Accidental’ the same way motherhood is ‘accidental’: “Slipped on a banana, your Honor, I swear!”

  3. Adam Lawson Says:

    Wow, that woman is borderline retarded.

    “Let me PULL THE TRIGGER to see if it’s real.”

  4. Shrimp Says:

    She’s ignorant, by design. And that’s exactly what the anti-gun crowd wants. They only thing that didn’t happen that they also want is for her to shoot herself or her son (or vice versa).

    Then they’d have a body to stand upon, a bloody shirt to wave, and blood to dance in whilst asking for more money and demanding more inane and insane gun bans. Oh, and fighting against the exact thing that would have prevented it, like firearm safety courses in middle schools, or Eddie Eagle programs in elementary schools, of course.

    Meanwhile, they’ll continue to demand more laws and bury their heads in the sand and insist that it’s all your fault, because guns.

  5. Ron W Says:

    I suppose this was one of those times that “a gun fell into the wrong hands”. Notice, that oft repeated gun control mantra puts the onus on the gun, it FELL into the wrong hands.