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I hope he wins

Not likely but this is awesome:

From the top headline at Drudge this afternoon, comes a story about a guy suing the Republican Party for fraud. He donated significant money because they ran on the Repeal Obamacare platform and are now clearly not interested in fulfilling their promise.


5 Responses to “I hope he wins”

  1. Fz Says:

    He’s just giving more money to lawyers. Not interested.

  2. GomeznSA Says:

    I suspect that this will end up getting dumped into the ‘breach of promise’ pile that jilted brides tried to use. Of course I would be extremely happy to see him win as it ‘might’ wake a few of the rinos up.

  3. Lyford Says:

    If one could sucessfully sue politicians for promises not kept, campaigns would be very different…….

  4. Tim Says:

    Fuz, he’s forcing the RNC to squander precious resources defending against his complaint, while also shaking them for not doing what they promised.

  5. Sigivald Says:

    Makes me wonder how he thinks he can sue the Party for individual congresscritters not getting enough of a majority to pass a repeal?

    The GOP will – if it isn’t simply thrown out of court before that point – point to the Republicans in Congress who voted for repeal as evidence of its perfect good faith as a party organization.

    Does he actually think the Party controls Senators and Representatives, or that they’re its employees?