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I guess we have not reached Peak Social Issues

Not Being Stupid Is Cognitive Privilege Now, Which Is Just Like White Privilege

7 Responses to “I guess we have not reached Peak Social Issues”

  1. Lyle Says:

    They’ll always be able to think of something because, when you’re insane there are no limits. Logic, reason, virtue, merrit, human rights; these things are limiting whereas the leftists want “freedom” from all of those constraints. As they say of the U.S. constution, it’s a “charter of negative rights”.

    In short; we are dealing with the criminal mind, and that mind must always find a way out of, away from, the damning constraints of truth. Their ideal of “anything BUT the truth” leaves it wide open.

    And again; it is a mistake to think of them as stupid. They can, have been, and will be, extremely creative and clever at finding ways to avoid the truth.

  2. Tirno Says:

    How to Know When You Are Not The Beneficiary Of Cognitive Privilege:

    You read Marx, and you didn’t get the joke.

  3. Dead Jim Says:

    So… white people are born smarter?

    That’s the message I’m getting here.

  4. LKP Says:

    “You read Marx, and you didn’t get the joke.”
    Either Karl or Groucho!

  5. mikee Says:

    Could be worse, they could be extolling the “privilege” of lower intelligence.

  6. kfg Says:

    “Privilege in general is “the receipt of certain benefits wholly through accident of birth and it is “undeniable that privilege itself is a reality . . . ”

    So, what you’re trying to tell me is that equality is a lie. Right. Got it.

  7. Windy Wilson Says:

    I would say “Harrison Bergeron”, but I don’t think George Bergeron has been born yet.

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