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They should pay up

The Brady Campaign advised the family of a victim in a mass shooting to sue an ammo dealer. Now, that family is filing for bankruptcy protection because they took bad legal advice from the Brady Bunch.

6 Responses to “They should pay up”

  1. SPQR Says:

    Actually, I believe one of them was a Brady Bunch employee.

  2. Lyle Says:

    Right; sue Zippo for an arson too;
    As if that’d fly. Sue Cutco for a stabbing;

    The problem with the left’s tactic of constantly pushing the bounds of the crazy envelope (a tactic known as Progressivism, which is distinguished from the more precipitous, violent communist revolution) is that sooner or later they have to “jump the shark” with the level of crazy and thus begin to lose support.

    I think their main task for the last hundred years has been to find the right balance between pushing that envelope (“defining deviancy downward” as itís been called) and pretending to embrace American principles (i.e. how to be the most effective sociopath hypocrites). The farther along they get, the more difficult the task of maintaining the cloak. At some point they have to either play their hand (get on with the violent communist revolution stage) or step back and re-group, or give it up, and they’ll never give it up (crime is too profitable).

  3. JTC Says:

    What the writer over there missed but a commenter alluded to, is that this loss was still a win to that callous and deceitful bunch.

    BB shields itself from what their lawyers must have already known would be a loss and subsequent liability by pushing a sacrificial lamb under the bus (you don’t think they give a fuck that people who have already lost a loved one would now suffer financially do you?). And since the only reason to use Ch. 11 is if the debt is very high, $400K plus, that means that LG has to absorb that huge and unrecoverable expense. Couple or three of these little scams can put a real hurt on any company…and hurt is the name of their game.

    Yeah, they need to be sued for joint and several liability and restitution, use their evil tactics against them, and put another nail in their coffin.

    Of course, not only am IANAL but IDKSAL.

  4. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Sandy Phillips (who was in the employ of the Brady Campaign at the time of the lawsuit) was pretty clear of her intentions.

    JTC is correct, it was never the intention of the antis to win any of these suits, just to file frivolous lawsuits (often with pro-bono lawyers) with as little overhead as possible, and force gun companies to spend exponentially more money either defending themselves or reaching a settlement.

    The Brady campaign at the time was neatly poised to bring down several of the largest gun makers within the scope of their operating budget.

    Thats why we have PLACAA

  5. Ravenwood Says:

    Maybe it’s time to bring back debtor’s prisons.

  6. Jay Dee Says:

    Free legal advice; you get what you pay for.

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