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Illegal transfer

If you’re in America and loan someone a gun, it’s not big deal. But in Connecticut, that’s a crime:

Detectives continued to investigate and found that the gun was owned by Nicolas Cappiello, 38, of North Haven. He said he gave the gun to Abriola to keep in her house, police said.

He turned himself in on an outstanding warrant June 29 and posted a $10,000 bond.

10 Responses to “Illegal transfer”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Second amendment says it’s not a crime.

    The crime then, is in the persecution of Nicolas Cappiello. Who will stand trial for that?

  2. Ellen Says:

    The crime then, is in the persecution of Nicolas Cappiello. Who will stand trial for that?

    Nicolas Cappielo.

  3. McThag Says:

    Wait… The cops responded to a report of “ding dong ditch”?


  4. nk Says:

    It’s a crime in America, too, if the borrower of the gun is not allowed to have a gun.

    And there’s pretty suspicious circumstances. Besides both the perps having Italian last names, which is probable cause, if not a prima facie case, right there.

  5. mikee Says:

    When I lived in the hellhole that is Baltimore, back in the 1990s, news articles described the use of “neighborhood guns,” where one handgun was kept hidden by the gang living in a given block, and anyone who needed to use a gun could borrow it for a small fee.

    Multiple unrelated crimes from gang shootings to simple store robberies could all be traced back to one firearm, which confused the police a bit. And when the cops did catch someone with a “neighborhood” gun, the captured shooter of course had no idea who had used it before, or for what, so the previous crimes remained unsolved despite ballistic matches.

  6. Ron W Says:

    @mikee, was that an aspect of “it takes a village”?

  7. rickn8or Says:

    mikee, didn’t we just have a Chief of Police in Wisconsin last week of accusing licensed CCW’ers of doing the same thing?

    Why yes, yes we did:

  8. Ron W Says:

    @rickn8or, that Chief of Police is unfit to be in the employee of a free people. He’s probably in his position because he is an arrogant elitist like maybe his mayor who believe that they are to rule over the people rather than serve them under the Law.

  9. rickn8or Says:

    Ron W, I agree completely. Remember, most city Chiefs of Police are appointed, not elected.

    If you read his interpretation of the law which prevents him from discussing how many CCW’ers are shooting people, you wonder who ties his shoes for him.

  10. Ron W Says:

    @rickn8or, very true. In contrast, sheriffs, elected by the people of their counties, the highest Constitutional officers of the same and therefore are often very supportive of the right of the people to keep AND CARRY guns for their basic right of self defense.