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Ammo plant in West Virginia

An odd story

2 Responses to “Ammo plant in West Virginia”

  1. mikee Says:

    So one idea of this proposed business was to sell a box of ammo with multiple bullet types, bullet weights, and propellant loadings so a firearm user could find the best ammo load for the firearm. Not that bad an idea, really.

    As to the rest, well, ideas come and ideas go, but businesses don’t pay $70k/year for low skill workers anywhere in the world, let alone West Virginny, so sounds like a bit of smoke being blown up the locals’ skirts.

  2. Lyle Says:

    “Cartridges would be available with different powder charges and bullet weights in each chambering”

    OK, just like every other ammo manufacturer ever? So what’s the big difference?

    So you want to try different loads to see which one is most accurate in your rifle? Here’s another novel concept; package rifle ammo in 20 round boxes, so you have enough ammo in each load to make a decent test of it. Why doesn’t anyone do that? Oh wait; they all do it and always have.

    So what’s the big paradigm shift here? Packaging, and they haven’t given any specifics. You throw several different 20 round boxes together in a bigger box, and…magic. Who’d’ve ever thunk it?

    Hype is hype and that’s fine. We’ll see an ammo plant after it’s built, if it’s built. For now there’s nothing to see.