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Where Great Britain Used To Be

Americans Reveal The Terrifying Things They Keep In Their Pockets

Also, a police commissioner there suggested that civilians with gun licenses could help defend against a terror attack, a true statement. The higher ups did not approve.

6 Responses to “Where Great Britain Used To Be”

  1. LucusLoC Says:

    Comments disabled on the first one. Shame. I know it is bad over there, but it always surprises me how bad, no matter how many times I see it. I mean a locking blade knife is worthy of all caps? Damn, I know the government was anti-knife (have you seen their “safety steak knives?”) but all caps? The next hing you know they will be shitting themselves over sporks.

  2. mikee Says:

    Monty Python, prescient in so many ways, hit the nail on the head in their skit about defending against attack with fresh fruit.

  3. Lyle Says:

    A gun license never stopped anyone. A gun, on the other hand, might be useful.

    Wait; what is a “gun license” anyway?

  4. tkdkerry Says:

    @LucusLoc, I just left a comment, seemed to work fine.

  5. LucusLoC Says:


    Just checked again, they are loading for me now. Must have been a technical issue. Thanks!

  6. Sigivald Says:

    I’d go mock UNILAD some except Facebook comments, so, no.