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Huffmans first rule of recreational explosives

Seen at Joe’s, with a video of what not to do:

Never put anything between you and explosives which a surgeon might be required to remove from your body.

3 Responses to “Huffmans first rule of recreational explosives”

  1. mikee Says:

    There are four rules of safe gun handling.
    How many for explosive use? (Beyond Dirty Harry’s ever practical “A man’s gotta know his limits.”)

  2. JTC Says:

    One rule for guns, ‘splodys, and everything else:

    “Don’t be stupid.”

    (Anybody else think that first one looked ‘shopped? Second one look real enough; that dude was pretty near turned into two dudes.)

  3. Veeshir Says:

    I have a rule I tried to teach my nephew, I hope it took.
    Never play with explosives when one of the steps is, “Then you run.”