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Worth every penny

I have the Apex Tactical Armorer’s Block. It works on both Glocks and M&Ps. ShootingIllustrated has a write up here.

I used mine extensively when I was installing various Apex trigger upgrades to the Morrissey.

One Response to “Worth every penny”

  1. KM Says:

    Maybe for an M&P (don’t know, don’t have one) but $30 for something to take apart a Glock?? WTF?
    They are “stupid easy” to take down to bare frame.
    For a Glock you need:
    !. A pin pusher for the pins and the connector. They do NOT need to be forced out, just pushed.
    2. Small needle nose pliers makes it easy to pull out the mag catch spring and the slide lock spring.
    3. A small screwdriver to push and lift the mag catch spring out of the way if you are just changing the mag catch…or just use the needle nose pliers.

    Anything else bought to take down a Glock is a waste of money unless you want to get a sight pusher and front sight tool to put on real sights and get rid of the factory junk. (or replace dead tritiums)
    I have a bench block I use for Sigs – I have NEVER used it for a Glock.