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You can have my drone

When you pry it from my cold dead hands.

The FAA was trying to register drones. Well, someone sued them over it and the court ruled the FAA doesn’t have the authority to regulate drones. Good.

5 Responses to “You can have my drone”

  1. rickn8or Says:

    Can we cite this when we say the ATF and various state governments try to register *cough* assaultweapons *cough*?

  2. Lyle Says:

    rickn8or; the ATF doesn’t have the authority to exist at all, except for the little bit in the 21st amendment regarding alcohol, and only then as a minor branch in the Treasury Department, so yes.

  3. bob r Says:

    IIRC, they were registering drone _owners_ — not drones. But given that I had zero intention of registering either myself as a drone owner or the drones I own, I didn’t look very close at their delusions of Authoritah.

  4. Fred Says:

    Lyle, “the ATF doesn’t have the authority to exist at all”

    And yet here they are:

  5. rickn8or Says:

    Fred, minor quibble: This was the FBI cleaning up an ATF faux pas, on the orders of Janet Reno, Chemistry Major.

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