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The defense would like to call noted gun expert Joe Biden to the stand

A teenager fired a shotgun through the front door, hoping to scare off intruders. The intruders were cops.

They guy was just following Joe Biden’s advice.

4 Responses to “The defense would like to call noted gun expert Joe Biden to the stand”

  1. dustydog Says:

    Everyone jokes about Joe Biden’s advice, but he was a senior Executive Branch official, and a lawyer, speaking in his official capacity when he gave that advice.

    Citing Executive Branch guidance should be a strong legal defense, until the federal government formally retracts its previous advice.

  2. mikee Says:

    I would think that the prosecutor would use two words, and only two words, to destroy any defense use of Joe Biden as a source of legal advice.

    Prosecutor: “Joe. Biden. The prosecution rests, your honor.”

    Slam-dunk conviction.

  3. rickn8or Says:

    Maybe Biden should be subpoenaed as a witness and defend his advice in court. A video of him repudiating it would crash the YouTube servers.

  4. Ron W Says:

    Yep, here it is:

    This was, of course, a statement by Joe in the “you don’t need that” argument. You don’t need the well-placed shots of a semi-auto rifle for self defense, but only a double -barreled shotgun fired “through the door” or as he advised his wife, “out the back door” to scare them off.

    And, of course, being the authoritarian leftist, Joe would have his suggestion enforced on us by government agents with full-auto weapons!