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The PSH is strong with this one

JoergSprave makes youtube videos that show sling shots and various launchers. He also posted a video showing how stab proof vests could be defeated. The bedwetters at The Daily Mail subsequently lost any awareness of hyperbole:

Google blood money: Web giant cashes in on vile seven-minute video showing knife expert penetrating a stab vest like the one worn by murdered Westminster PC

German weapons ‘expert’ uploaded ‘sickening how-to-stab’ video on YouTube

Jorg Sprave given award by social media giant for getting 1million subscribers

But he shows people how to plunge a knife through protective body armour

Video was online for six months despite warnings jihadis use it for ‘training’

YouTube has yanked the video. And they may shut down his channel. If you watch the video, you’ll learn that he made a particular knife just for the task. And their claim about Jihadis using his channel is ridiculous.

10 Responses to “The PSH is strong with this one”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Joerg is awesome. He’s just a cool dude with a funny accept turning air compressors and steel tube into barely functional projectile tossers. Oh, and he also turns cheap steel into swords and runs them up against true katanas.

    Why? Because he fucking feels like it and thinks it is fun as hell. Having a nighbor like him is my wife’s worst nightmare – the feedback loop beteween the two of us would probably open a space/time portal into a nerd dimension. Or…create a yuge mess.

    Now I gotta go suck all his videos into my machine for a permanent record of what the world was like before Google Progressives ruined it.

  2. Ravenwood Says:

    Haven’t been following this very closely, but am I to understand the outrage:

    A guy showed how to defeat a “stab proof” vest that a guy who was stabbed to death was wearing when said stabbing occurred?

    And he’s to blame?

  3. lucusloc Says:

    no one save the original video?

  4. nk Says:

    It’s The Daily Mail. They print a lot of crap. Most of them seem like frustrated paperback writers not reporters. The Beatles had a song about it.

    As for knives and bullet-proof vests, Cold Steel (the knife company)’s first knife was a tanto. 30 years back, maybe longer. They had ads in the knife magazines with the caption “Nobody Said It Was Tanto-proof”.

  5. nk Says:

    Sorry. The ads showed the tanto through a kevlar vest.

  6. Gerry Says:

    Any inmate at the state or federal levels knows this crap.

  7. mikee Says:

    I dimly recall that poignards and Bodkin arrows were specifically designed to defeat chainmail armor, an early example of what this guy did on Youtube.

    So let’s outlaw the Middle Ages, before somebody gets hurt, I guess.

  8. Maxwell Says:

    Guys, guys! Are you still thinking that this article (and others like it) are written to convey useful information and/or identify legitimate threats? C’mon.

    It’s hysterical shrieking to whip up the base, and possibly to bring the antifa types who may not have been guests of the penal system up to speed.

    Mark it, and continue.

  9. JFT Says:

    Amazingly, Youtube has removed his strike and he can continue on as normal. He posted a little video about the resolution:

    and then uploaded this excellent retort to the Mail:

    (hopefully the links don’t get this relegated to spamland)

  10. Akatsukami Says:

    YouTube has relented:

    Buying ink by the barrel doesn’t work against someone who buys pixels by the gigabyte:

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